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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Haringey Traffic supremo Matt White, today announced the the Council has earmarked £5m for sustainable transport.

Coming after a recent positive meeting with Harringay Ladder Living Streets, it suggests that things are definitely moving in the right direction. 

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How long ago was the school streets decision and how many of them have we got?

... Still, it's a start.

It's budgeted at £1m per year between FY21/22 and FY25/26

I'm not sure how much 'earmarking' has occurred as it seems to be primarily funded by specific DfT and TfL grants.

For a little context, the sum is roughly equivalent to Haringey's budgeted refurbishment of their outdoor education retreat in Wales. Pendarren House.


I loved our trip to Pendarren when I was at secondary school in Harringay. 

Very interesting!

My suspicion is that the £5.1m is included in the line "Further savings to be identified"

Positive meetings with Living Streets groups come thick and fast. They cost almost nothing.

So after all, Adrian, you still can't resist returning to the scene of their crimes.

Children’s social care is separate. It’s on the line above Adults

Back in the last century Haringey Council had a Director of Technical and Environmental Services named Peter Bishop. He was rated highly by councillors I knew. And indeed he went on elsewhere to become a big cheese. A veritable Stilton.

It was said that he told his team to announce good news three times. First, what you were going to do; second while you did it; and third after you've done it. I've no idea if this jam-tomorrow-yesterday-AND-today was original.

But fast forward with 20-20 vision. Isn't Cllr Matt White re-re-announcing jam-tomorrow from the recent past? Of course he's a keen new fresh face. So maybe  . . .

"Blessed are the cheesemakers" as they say in the movie.
Enemies and Morrison? I've come across them.  

Is his nickname Stinking Bishop then?  ;-)

I was reaching for a cheesy metaphor for high achiever. Though personally I'm more a basic mature Canadian cheddar person.

How much of the 'walking' part of this expenditure is being allocated for pedestrian seating in areas such as Crouch End Town centre, to encourage walking for those that need rest spots?



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