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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

From the You Couldn't Make it Up  department; spotted this lunchtime ...

Looking west down Stapleton Hall Road

Looking south down Oakfield Road

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The Diversity Unit:  I'd assumed those responsible were East European, seeing as how the Continentals drive on the other side of the road and momentarily, they became confused.

The workman I spoke to (an immigrant like myself) generously volunteered to be in my photos, but I said that probably wasn't a great idea as he might be associated as a mistake holder stakeholder.

He told me it was an (homegrown) All-English team who did it.

Apparently, the white arrows are not paint, but a plastic material that will need to be burnt off.

Done by a U-K I-P fifth-columnist before the council elections??

Hope it doesn't go v-r-l.

Clive PLEASE say you Photoshopped this! You sure it's not the site of the annual Stroud Green maypole dancing competition?

Michael, if you care to go to the intersection of Stapleton Hall Road and Oakfield Road, you can see this with your own eyes, as the arrows were there at 7:15 this morning.

There is no sign yet of a clarification from the Council.

I've been trying to work out how it happened. As an April Fool Joke it was three days too late. Perhaps in the rush to spend up budgets before the end of the financial year (and election day), the council cut a few corners.

I can confirm that the Council has not put out a statement that "its experimental, will alternate monthly and will still be subject to a full Consultation. A stakeholder group will be established to hold a stake in the centre when the orientation changes at the end of each month"

I invite offers for a better caption ...

Saturday morning in the heart of Stroud Green

Think it has the potential to become a tourist attraction? The Stroud Green not-so-merry-go-round?

Could be. Yesterday, the first passing pedestrian to whom I mentioned it, immediately whipped out her camera and also took a photo.

Could have been the White Arrows team 'avin a laugh.

I understand that some road engineering seeks deliberately to cause uncertainty amongst drivers, in order to bring about caution and lower speeds. That could be the rationale.

If not, we could be looking to see a Council U-turn. Or O-turn.

Otherwise, we could see a T-turn.

Though I shouldn't be too quick to criticise. I once papered an entire wall before I realised the pattern was upside down.

Residents forgive you Michael. The Council's crack White Arrows team have probably done arrows before ...

The White Arrows. Do you think they do formation line marking displays?

I can confirm that, in respect of the roundabout arrows and comment on Harringayonline, the Council's Press Office didn't issue the following press statement earlier today Monday, that reads as follows:

For Immediate Release                                        Embargo: None

Haringey Council are happy to adapt ideas from elsewhere, sometimes, from seemingly unrelated fields.

In the case of our innovative traffic management system ('Traffic Counter Spin') at the interchange of Oakfield and Stapleton Hall Roads, we were inspired by a particular model of the Dyson washing machine.*

Our traffic engineers have adopted the Dyson principle, but in a concentric fashion, in order to enable roundabouts to achieve a cleaner, more efficient result.

It would be incorrect to conclude that the up-graded angular visual guides to the orbital (urban) transport facility system, were somehow sub-optimal.

The Council expects that any minor scrapes along vehicle sides will attenuate as motorists' teething issues conform to our latest initiative. It will still be subject to Full Public Consultation.


* Note for editors:

The Dyson CR01 model featured a drum divided into two by a plane at the middle radius, whereby one half of the drum rotated in one direction and the other half rotated in the other direction. Dirty clothes that are guided to the middle and overlap the contra-rotating drums: there is a gentle stretching of the garments ensuring a better clean.

This is going to confuse me serious

Non, TBD, the Council's new roundabout style will suit your Continental habits just fine, even if this intersection never sees traffic around it like the Arc de Triomphe.

The only issue is that the attached roads haven't yet been adjusted to match. Our forward-thinking council obviously anticipates a change from driving on the left to the right, but it's not completely synchronised.


Following a review of the experimental counter-cyclical policy, the Council have now appointed a specialist Clockwise Arrows Team to further improve the performance of roundabout signage.

They did not comment on rumours that anti-clockwise arrows were somehow confused with the clocks going forward for British Summer Time.



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