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Park Lighting Campaign Win!

After taking action outside the council office last week, ACORN Tottenham secured a meeting with councillor Mike Hakata to discuss the lack of lighting in Downhills Park and the safety issues this causes for local residents. We negotiated, addressing any concerns around wildlife, cost and public safety.

We convinced the councillor this was an important issue to local residents and managed to secure a 100% commitment for more lighting in the park before next winter, as well as a commitment to allowing ACORN involvement in the placement and installation process. Both commitments were signed by the councillor with deadlines.

This is a great win for Tottenham locals, who will never spend another winter in the dark, and will be able to access their park more safely. ACORN will continue to campaign and win on local issues such as this around Tottenham - our strength is in our numbers, if you want to help shape our next campaign win why not join us!



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