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Great Northern Railway is proposing that the ticket office at Harringay station should be permanently closed. 

 They state that Essential works are required on the footbridge where the ticket office is located at this station. As a part of these works the ticket office will need to be demolished. A new customer information and assistance office will be installed on the London bound platform. The station will continue to have staff available from the first train of the day to the last , 7 days a week, to provide customer assistance and information.”

The ticket office will not be replaced.

A consultation is taking place and any comments should be submitted by 28 July.

Information is available on the GN Railway web site:


It is interesting that this information completely contradicts the information provided by Network Rail:

 1. Letter to residents concerning “Improvement work” – January 2020

 "We are excavating the foundations for a new ticket office….. “

2. Letter to residents concerning “Improvement work” – 19 May 2020

“We will be working at the station including …. the foundations for the new ticket office…”

Who does one believe – a “customer information and assistance office” or a “ticket office” ?Left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing/saying.  If only we had a proper integrated rail system.

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Thanks for posting this, Konrad.

More Background:

- Schedule 7

- Schedule 8

Maybe as they're not making any money at the moment due to Covid and as they've not started the replacement work they figured it might just be a bit cheaper not to bother replacing it....

No, it's part of a long-term plan.

Since lockdown/limited release I've been crossing the station footbridge regularly and mostly giving the ticket office staff a virtual 'high five' to appreciate them and mark that I will (and occasionally did) travel from Harringay. Selling us an "as far as Zone 6 boundary + Senior Railcard discount to Somewhere" was a minute's skilled work for them and I greatly appreciate it.

Now we're in this new context that just feels so hollow and insincere since Great Northern/Network Rail have corporately deceived us locals. Even leading us up the garden path with the promise of a new booking office over the last year or two. To whip it away at the absolute last minute.

Even if one of the current station staff is re-employed in the new information office they won't (I think) be re-employed permanently on the same expertise-related pay grade as now.



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