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The All Good Bookshop is a cooperative community bookshop. Unlike many other bookshops, it was set up by members of the Haringey community to serve the people of Haringey. It is the home to many local groups and is staffed mainly by volunteers.

It is need of your help. Bills need to be paid and we may not make it this month without your help. So we need you to buy books or come to our events. Or to sign up to our Patreon and support us by giving a little each month.

If you can't afford to give a little, then how about telling others about us. Your neighbours, friends, social media?

Without more sells this month, you will lose the shop.

You will lose: two book groups, two pre-schooler events, a writing group, comedy nights, a music group, a board games club and a much loved book shop that works for the community.

If you feel bookshops shouldn't just be in affluent areas or online, then please support us.

Thank you.

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Sorry to hear you're in dire straits AGBookshop. But you missed a trick. You could've given your address for us to come in person to buy something !

Here's their website: All Good Bookshop

35 Turnpike Lane, Wood Green, London, N8 0EP, United Kingdom

Email: control@allgoodbookshop.co.uk

Tel: 079 4970 1861

Oh thanks.

I used that gap to find this

And I see it's a couple of doors down from Goldwing travel agents and the Mauritian food place, where I go sometimes. I hadn't realised. So GOOD LUCK, and I'll pop in for a browse...



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