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If you have any comments on or corrections to HoL's Free Wifi in Haringey map, please add them below.

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I'm delighted to report that the wonderful Oakdale Arms has fast and easy WiFi, or at least it did on 15 August 2010.
Oakdale Arms, 283 Hermitage Road junction with Oakdale Road, London N4 1NP. Tel: 020 8800 2013
Thanks Davo. I'll add it.
three compasses in Hornsey high street too
Thanks Enrico. We'll add it.
That's a really good idea and a nice map.
Cilicia restaurant in Muswell Hill says it has free WiFi - http://www.cilicia-muswellhill.co.uk/
Thanks Jeremy. Added

The Londonist have now published a wifi app:


Cafe Teria in Langham Road N15 have free wi-fi

Seven Sisters station have a sign up saying they have it. Not tested.

The Garden Ladder has free wifi, nice map hugh



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