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I am collecting postage stamps for charity, as ever. If you have any, or can collect some over this festive season please let me know and I can come pick them up form you in the New Year to send off.


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I've already got loads and it would be great if I could drop them off more locally (I usually take to my mum in Newcastle). If you could PM me your address I'd be more than happy to drop them off after Xmas
I'll start collecting for you. PM me your address and I'll pop them through your letterbox once I've built up a bit of a stash.

I have a batch of used stamps that I'd like to pass on.  Happy to drop through your letterbox if you message me an address.

Lydia. Hi, I will message you my details.

I was going to flag to anyone else who has any happy to pick up if you are not close to Pemberton Road. Let me know.



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