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Clarion Call: Zena Brabazon, Karen Alexander, Nilgun Canver, David Browne, David Schmitz, Gina Amadou,...etc

Can I ask publicly, that one or all of you clearly and candidly explain the following:

  • The purpose of the GLSG in 2014 and onward.
  • The details of the Group's governance (including any plans to change).
  • The culture of secrecy and mistrust that many residents believe pervades the Group.
  • The Group's relationship to the Area Forum.

I would hope that the response would not be a direction to the few out-of-date documents available in the public domain. Nor would I appreciate a "we'll be able to tell you soon" response. This thread might be a useful reference for the type of communication we have had to suffer thus far.

Thank you

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English Heritage paid for the lovely new roof on St John's on Lausanne Rd.



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