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Clarion Call: Zena Brabazon, Karen Alexander, Nilgun Canver, David Browne, David Schmitz, Gina Amadou,...etc

Can I ask publicly, that one or all of you clearly and candidly explain the following:

  • The purpose of the GLSG in 2014 and onward.
  • The details of the Group's governance (including any plans to change).
  • The culture of secrecy and mistrust that many residents believe pervades the Group.
  • The Group's relationship to the Area Forum.

I would hope that the response would not be a direction to the few out-of-date documents available in the public domain. Nor would I appreciate a "we'll be able to tell you soon" response. This thread might be a useful reference for the type of communication we have had to suffer thus far.

Thank you

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Hi Phil

I've just seen your post and will be replying. Just have some casework to do first.



Zena Brabazon
Cllr, St. Ann's Ward


I also be interested to know what criteria is used in deciding who can be invited to be a member of this group.

There doesn't seem to be any representatives from schools, faith groups or other community organisations (apart from a couple of Residents Associations).

It's fire & brimstone for you Jonny boy!

Robert Frost's poem begins: "Some say the world will end in fire..."

Faith groups are part of our community.

I am against people who believe in magic being involved in decision making. In many excellent democracies in the world religion has been specifically excluded from government. If someone intends to win an argument by pointing to a book full of nastiness then they can do it in their churches, not in local government.

"Amen" to that.

Having a faith doesn't prevent people from having a view on new designs for shop fronts on Green Lanes or having ideas on how to deal with crime and grime in the passage. And fwiw, 65% of people in Haringey have a faith according to the census stats. And only 30% have dependent children so maybe schools and/or parents shouldn't have a view in case child-free people object.

Anyway, yes I agree this is getting silly and detracting from the issue.

Fine, then they can join as part of an RA.

As I said earlier; according to the census, people who state they do not have a faith are a minority in Haringey. 

I will start a new thread re community engagement as it's not fair to hijack this one.

It's difficult to say who should be on the GLSG when we don't know the terms of reference or objects.

Offhand, and speaking as a regular church attender, I don't see why a " Faith Group " should be represented as such, but see no objection to an induvidual person of faith being a member.

Darts is my religion and Ally Pally is my church.




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