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could this also come to the UK, is this the start of a return to the dark ages in an attempt to halt moral decline in society by joining church and state.


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I don't think so 

you alrite hun?

Doubt it. The UK is frankly too apathetic about religion. Don't forget many of the original settlers in the US from Europe were religious zealots who were hounded out of their own nation, so it is not hard to believe that in the backwaters of the US (South and Mid West) the religious mysticism that persisted in 1800 still lives on. I lived in Texas for a while and it was frightening at times! God, Guns & Liberty (in that order). I love listening to the US talking about religious extremists (as a code for Muslims) when some of the most extreme religious nut jobs that exist are right there in the good old US of A!

In answer to your question look West to Ireland and how a state so closely entwined with church is managing to bring a healthy distance between government and religion. Gone are the days in the Republic where the congregation looked to the priest to guide the flock when faced with another referendum...

No it won't come to the UK. The Puritans fled to America long ago and yes it's a mess there.

The US is officially a secular nation but in reality a deeply religious nation, esp compared to the rest of the OECD.

The UK in contrast has a state religion, but other than certain effects such as state funded faith schools and clergy in the House of Lords, there is far too much public apathy to religion as Justin suggests - esp in public life - for anything similar to occur here.

You are perfectly right to be concerned about this coming to the UK - its the reason I have been an active member of the National Secular Society for 20 years now. 

Organised religion in the UK wields a very powerful sword, which has won it enormous privileges. These include countless billions in tax breaks through their usage of charitable status to some religious ministers being able to be exempt from council tax and much, MUCH more besides. 

Ask yourself why you cannot shop in Sainsbury after 4 on a Sunday or why that store is not allowed to open on Easter Sunday - though betting shops are? 

Look closely at the governing boards of your schools and see how many religions are represented and setting the school's agenda. 

Why is it for example, that despite there being a total leaflet ban in place along most of Green Lanes and Wood Green High Road, that religious groups can hand out what they like when they like?  

'The UK is frankly too apathetic about religion' and that is the problem! That was why Iceland got infiltrated by the UCKG last year, that is why schools across the country are now facing massive protests about the 'No Outsiders' programme that aims to teach inclusiveness. 

That is why a Christian backed pressure group has managed to get the Scout Association to recently roll back on some of its inclusion policies relating to transgenderism. 

That is why religious groups are slowly but very surely increasing the number of schools they are controlling to the point where in some areas non-religious parents are left with no choice but to send their children to a school that wants to convert them. 

That is why the Samaritans Purse and Operation Christmas Child schemes run by Christian fundamentalists permeate local schools. 

Don't get me wrong, I have many religious friends and it is their right to practice their beliefs in private. But in the public sphere there should be zero tolerance of all religious and absolutely to privileges of tax breaks granted to them whatsoever.  



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