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Charity shop vinyl shopping, cycling down Green Lanes and the New River

Rather enjoyed this little blog post I read about cycling down Green Lanes from Winchmore Hill in search of old vinyl records...the photos are rather fun too...

How Green are my Lanes? by JakartaJive

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That is brilliant and nice to see someone else appreciating the passage. Good find Liz.
Got to share Passage Love wherever we find it
After some careful inspection (and then reading the last line of the piece, which confirms it), the photos are all cunning iphone apps designed to make your brand shiny new digital images look like old film photos, scratchy edges, weird colours, blurry images n' all ..

And yes, wonderful to see the wonders of the passage being appreciated more widely.
Yes, you're right Alison. I guessed as much. I've seen stuff on the net that offers to turn your sharp digi pics into polaroids. I thought that the style he chose suited the subject matter i.e. shopping for weird old vinyl from chazzers (as he called them). I have loads of picture like he posted taken when I was 10ish with an old Kodak that used 110 film and later blurry pics taken with the worst invention ever, the disc camera. When I got my first 35 mm point and shoot, I thought I was a proper grown up- pics were still crap though. I guess I liked the bloggers pics because they reminded me of my childhood attempts at photography.

We need a badge on our profiles that demonstrates our Passage Love
Yes, I know exactly what you mean (joyful childhood photos). I still have some fairly astonishingly bad ones from the 1970s.

That said, must admit I'm not sure about trying to make digital stuff look old. There is a particular fake polaroid effect (Poladroid apparently) which is just everywhere and gets a bit tedious..
I have to take responsibility for that post, actually!
Amazed folk here have stumbled upon it!

Keep meaning to do the final stretch of Green Lanes soon to get this finished off.

By the way, the app is called Hipstamatic and renders your iPhone snaps a lovely, sepia-tinged 70s Polaroid quality.

Oh, and if anyone has any old vinyl they want rid of!!!
Ain't no hidin' from us Hugh. We do our best to find anyone who's out there writing about Harringay. ;o)
I wondered if you were a HOL member Hugh. Thought it was a great blog post. Please let us know when you do part two. You have a blog facility on HOL *hint, hint*
I don't usually read blogs but I read this one and really enjoyed it. Good find Liz.



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