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Does anyone know if it is easy/legal to charge your electrical vehicle from your house if you're living in terrace house?

I'd be interested to know about your experience.


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I think the only restriction is the personal liability you incur by running a wire across the public footway. I think this can be dealt with by taking steps to minimise any trip and electrocution danger. A nearby neighbour uses a high quality brightly coloured wire ramp thing. He charges regularly and seems to have no trouble. So, it’s possible, but not completely satisfactory. 

Thanks Hugh.

Hi, we have a plug in hybrid and I’ve been discussing this with the council who are against any form of charging your car from your terraced house, including trailing cables, so it is personal liability for having a cable out.  Happy  to forward my email trail if interested? The more of us who contact them regarding this probably the better especially as the council endorsed public charging points are ridiculously expensive (most than petrol for our outlander) 

Hi Natasha,

I am happy to write to the council although I know I should not be holding my breath. So, yes please if you could share with me whatever you feel comfortable; I'll keep hassling them too.


Running a cable from the first floor window of a terraced house, crossing the pavement at height onto a high cable support stand and then down to ground level immediately by the car's charging point would seem to avoid the pavement 'trip hazard' issue?  I think I've seen something like that next to the 'Faltering Fullback' pub when visiting Stroud Green Market.

Hi Gordon,

Sounds a bit extreme but who knows I may end up trying this method :)


Even if you can run a cable from your home to your car how often can you guarantee that you will be parked outside your house?  I was parked outside my house last Saturday (a number 78 in a street of terraced houses) and was parked for a couple of days outside number 43 and then number 98 and then today number 112 - can you get charging cables that long?

fair point Paul.

Apparently the council is putting some 32 new charging points this year; but that's across the whole borough so I'm not holding my breath to have one anywhere near me let alone on my road.

We have solar panels and charging the car on a sunny day would be almost free for us!



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