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Previously, green mixed recycling bins were collected every week but this has now changed and collection depends on fullness of the bin.

I spoke to the guys on the lorry today and they confirmed that bins will not be emptied unless it's over 50%-75% full. Not sure if this applies to black bins too.

I guess it makes sense but worth knowing if, like me, you're wondering why your bin is being taken regularly.

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Which kind of collection was that that he had to run after the lorry throwing rubbish? Do you mean he was picking up any spilt rubbish from the bins, falling out as the apparatus lifts them into the lorry, which explains why the lorries often leave a trail of mess behind them, or are you saying the lorry didn't wait for the bins to be attached at all, & the chap was picking a few items or bags out of the bins (they're not supposed to handle bags in case there are sharp objects, & my dry recycling is all loose in my bin) & throwing them in? 

My friend Andy on Sirdar Road often doesn’t have his green bin emptied - he rarely buys things that have packaging so doesn’t need to chuck stuff in either bin that often

Adam, can you email me your road please? I’ve only been off since Monday so either something has changed or ….

My email is Seema.Chandwani@haringey.gov.uk - I’m back on Monday and will raise this in my weekly meeting with the Senior Team.


Done - Many Thanks

I had this issue with my black bin last year, when I didn’t have upstairs neighbours. I only had a couple of small bags in the bin, so they didn’t empty it. So I had to keep ringing to complain, as I didn’t want my stinky rubbish sitting in a bin for a whole month, funnily emough

Local procedural “variations” aren’t confined to Harringey’s Veolia teams. I’ve spent much of the pandemic with a vulnerable friend living in another borough; the local Veolia crew there will only empty bins left overnight on the pavement — where they create an obstacle course all along the street — despite a supposed requirement to empty them if left within a metre inside the front gate of a property. Remonstration with the crew just brings a very stroppy response and further refusal.

They have been doing this for ages. They are useless. I only get a collection when i phone up and complain. They regularly miss me outThis is not value to money

I never had non collection problems here on Wightman Road. Usually one guy comes along in advance moving bins out into position before the truck passes. Not every empty bin is returned to its original position afterwards but seems a minor consideration. I do notice that after each collection has been made  there is a sprinkling of litter that has escaped. This stuff is often blown along the street and accumulates in my entrance along with leaves etc. Storm Eunice gave the street a good clean and there was enough chez moi to fill a swing top bin twice over!



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