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Does anyone have any good tips on keeping cats out of our garden? The furry bastards try to get into our sandbox among other things.

I try to create a hostile environment as much as possible by throwing objects, water hose/loud noises and have put a ton of dried firethorn branches at key access points. Nonetheless they keep on coming back, and I have noticed that a robin's nest near our garden (which appears to attract the cats) that used to be constantly abuzz with the sound of chicks to have gone eerily quiet. 

Any suggestions would be more than welcome. 

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Get/borrow a dog.

Seen several video's of Dogs play and using Kids Sand Pit's 

Suggestion is get a tarpaulin and cover it up. As sure it is not used daily 

“Furry bastards”? What a lovely language to use Kotkas, and how happy I am to not be your neighbour.  

A garden hose usually does the trick. It doesn't hurt and it gets the message across. Alternatively the owners phone number might be on the collar.

Garden hose works really well but they are too fast and I end up having to spray outside my jurisdiction...

I'm trying a citronella spray out, but there are a variety of repellant sprays out there. 

That's a good point - haven't tried it before, and might give it a go!

I've also put bamboo skewers in the earth in the most popular toilet spots to make them less amenable and stop the seedlings getting destroyed! 

Coffee grounds are apparently a good deterrent, cats like to dig to cover their poo and then have to clean their paws afterwards and don't enjoy the bitter taste. They quickly learn to take their nuisance behaviour elsewhere 

Anything that craps in your garden uninvited, it is reasonable to be referred to as a furry bastard. Unless it's not furry.  

We had a cat who decided that our front garden made a lovely toilet. I got a motion-activated spray device. It seemed to work quite quickly. We heard it go off a few times and the toileting stopped.

We have a tap in the cellar and an air vent large enough to push a hose through to the front garden. If you don't have access to that, I noticed that the same company also make devices that work on sound - but I've no idea if they work.

That would have worked nicely on the bloke a year or so ago Hugh that decided to take a pee in my front. I chased him of and I have to admit my response was rather agricultural- to which the bloke apparently took offence....

Hah, yes perfect - perhaps mounted out of reach to avoid revenge attacks!



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