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Earlier in the autumn I was involved along with Richard from Bowes & Bounds Connectted in setting up a local “cashmob”.

A cashmob, for those unfamiliar with the term is an interesting way for people to act together in support of independent local businesses. This new “shop local” movement emerged in New York about a year ago. Many of you will have heard about 'flash mobs' - groups of people, who assemble suddenly in a place, perform an unusual and fun activity and then disperse.

A cash mob is similar. It's a group of people who arrange to support a local business that could use the trade. They meet at an agreed time, spend an agreed amount and usually link a social activity for those involved, like all going for a drink, or a coffee together. The purpose is primarily to support valued local businesses and also to provide another chance for locals to meet up in a fun environment.

The first Haringey cashmob supported the traders at Harringay Market where over 70 people turned up (in the rain!). and the idea has spread across North London and elsewhere.
A bit of discussion followed the event and now we’ve planned the next Haringey Cash mob for Sunday December 16th at the Big Green Bookshop in Wood Green.

This much loved independent bookshop is a centre for all sorts of local activity – from author talks, children’s events, comedy nights, board games, knitting and so much more. Not resting on their much deserved laurels BGB has plans to run a Wood Green Literary festival during 2013. Its recognition is far wider than us local folks – recently the Independent newspaper identified the Big Green Bookshop as number two in the UKs Best Bookshops.

So as a practical way to show support for the type of local independent business we all want in our high streets a cash mob will assemble on the afternoon of Sunday December 16th from 2:00 pm with a commitment to spend £10 at BGB – there will be a chance to meet with your neighbours, buy some great Christmas presents and have some fun.

The cashmob will run form 2 - 2:30 after which we'll all meet together upstairs at the Caffe Nero just down the road.

We're going to try and get some leaflets made to hand out on Wood Green High Street - a chance for publicity not to be missed! If you can help out, please leave a message below and we get you fixed up (printing permitting!).

There will also be live music on hand - so we hope to have a bit of a party atmosphere! 

Please pass on the message to your friends via Twitter, Facebook. e-mail and pigeon post – use the hashtag #BGBcashmob so we can track the coverage

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I was in Cafeteria today for the first time.

A nice little cafe that is at the Turnpike Lane end of Langham Road sort of at a junction, so very near the bus station/tube.

But I guess Cafe Nero is nearer and more likely to keep the momentum of the cash mob plus it's bigger. But please people consider using Cafeteria sometime! 

I can't make the cashmob on Sunday due to a prior commitment but please add one on for me when you do a headcount, as I'll be sending in my order for a £12 book from them and picking it up next week. (Awesome book on robotics for my little nephew, btw, but if you want to buy one too, don't use this Amazon link to actually make the purchase ...)

There's an independent coffee shop called Tugra on the high road -- opposite Tesco, close to the Turnpike Lane end.

Photo here. To be honest it's a while since I stopped there for a coffee and baklava.

What's a Tuğra ?


Could be busy - it's in the Standard tonight!

'Comment' on P15! 

Thanks for the heads up on that Geoff:



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