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Hi......Anyone got any advice on using euros/card in Brussels??

I'm  going to Brussels for the day next week to buy tobacco.

Should I take Euros as I would normally do or better to use a card for purchase? 

Which is going to be cheaper, more acceptable?

Any ideas??

Yes I do know that smoking is bad for me and I shall have to self isolate for 2 weeks on my return!!

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Card. I never take out cash when abroad if it's unnecessary. I'm assuming you'll buy at a shop so they'll accept card surely. 

Yes, they'll accept a card but how about exchange rates??

You can ask them to charge you in their local currency. If you pay by credit card you purchases are protected. In cash not. 

Best exchange rates usually on cards. I usually travel with a Halifax and Barclays Platinum, neither of which levy any additional charges on expenditure in a foreign currency. 


Credit cards are usually better than debit cards in terms of any fee.

Always make sure you are paying in Euros, not pounds (which will be converted at a very poor rate).

Have a look at Money Saving Expert

Cash every time for best rates

A card like this one might help...It is worth having a look


You put your cards on this and select which one you want to use.

Select Pay in euros rather than in £ 

You shouldn't really blurt out on this site that you are going to Bruxelles to buy tobacco.

If you are going on Eurostar (where I work as on board crew!) note that there have been occassional checks by UK Border Force on arrival. I know people who have been caught and got into 'trouble' given the amounts of tobacco they had on their person.

You will also need to self isolate for 14 days after arrival after filling in the HMRC form online.

That said a card is probably your best bet. They are widely accepted in Bxl. Of course, it does depend on the conditions of the card issuer/your bank. Some are a rip off.

We visited recently 2 restaurants refused cards right in the center, the card machines are covid heavens as it is impossible to sanitize inside the machines.

Thanks for reply jj.  Yes I know that I'll have to self isolate for 2 weeks, that's been organised. The amount of tobacco that'll be bought is within the government guide lines. so should be alright.

But thanks for the advice.



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