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I am looking for someone to repaint my old sash windows, and possibly do a bit of repair on one of them. Can anyone recommend a carpenter or someone who is good with sash windows? I'd rather not replace them as budget is a big consideration at the moment.   Thanks!

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We used this company and would definitely recommend them,

contact Adam and the company is https://www.sashcarpentry.co.uk

thank you so much Deborah. I'm hoping to get a couple of quotes, so this is a great start. Happy New Year!

Has anyone had any recent experience of using Acorn windows or PM windows if I need to replace the sashes?  I know it's expensive, so just need to get some quotes to compare. Thanks!

I recently had some sashes replaced by the Sash Window Man.

They were a pleasure to work with. Broke down what could be repaired, part replaced or full replacement required. They work with someone else who will then do the painting. 

There was a bit of wait for the sashes to be built, however they fitted exactly on schedule.

The Sash Window Man, Head Office, Prospect House, Underdown Road, Southwick, BN42 4HL.

T: 0208 150 8438 (London Office)

E: dean@thesashwindowman.com

M: 07950 291 200

Thank you Samantha! Happy new year!

Happy New Year Shannon. Just for your info, pane option was single, double or noise reduction.

I also had a quote from Bekim on Stroud Green Road, they charged to come out and quote and only gave the option of full replacement, when only some of the sashes needed replacing. 

Thank you!

Two companies advertising right here on hol in the section to the right... 



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