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We live on the Ladder between Mattison Rd & Duckett Rd. Our car has been visited a couple of weeks ago. Apparently, the use of a gizmo called a fob scrambler can disrupt the radio signal between your car key fob and the central locking unit. It alllows for the car to remain simply open. It has a 75m reach so the culprit can be quite a way away before you can notice anyone suspiciously waiting for you to walk away, thinking your car is locked. Anyhow, an iPod and set of headphone later, I am that much more paranoid about my street. Yayhay. Oh, yes, I do have the auto lock feature in place but it takes a minute or so before self activating so, we are dealing with savvy professionals with semi ninja skills. 

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Had the same thing in Connaught Road a few months back. Luckily no valuables left in car, but they cleared out all useful items from boot and glove compartment - deicers, anti freeze, sunglasses etc.. Left my ABBA CD though so not all bad :-) 

O no, terrible feeling is it not? They left the Tomtom sat nav and all the CD's behind - must have been interrupted. Glad you can still rock that ABBA sound :) 

Safer to lock using the key ?

You can't on most modern cars, no key hole in the door anymore.

Technology, eh ?

What happens if you have a flat battery?

Ah, I'm wrong. Theres one hidden in the door handle. You have to pop a panel off.

Glad you asked actually, I had no idea :)

Interesting. But not very practical for routine locking up.

So best is to check if lights flash as in Justin's post below.

This happened to us today on Hewitt. They made off with a bag containing de-icer and some country and western cds. At least they didn't break a window for such precious bounty.

We have had one or two incidents on Pemberton too. I chased a guy out of my neighbour’s at at 2 in the morning once too. 

I am curious. When you use the fob to lock the door my cars’s Side lights flash to tell me it is locked. When they use the disruptor will my car still flash it’s lights or does it completely block the signal to lock the car so the doors never even try to lock?

We had a spate of these on the other side of Green Lanes early this year. Us and at least 2 neighbours had random stuff nicked out of our cars with no sign of damage. When I reported it to the police they said our car was too old for a fob scrambler, but local police have since said that's what is happening. You need to report it. We had 2 car seats and isofix bases stolen, cost us 800 quid to replace them. 



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