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A car exploded on corner of Stanhope Gdns/ Green lanes about 3.50pm. Really hope none hurt but didn't see ambulance,  just firemen. Think it was electric fault with car. Since then no internet or landline. BT say will be fixed by Weds. That's not good for all us working at home. Anyone else having this problem?

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Never been so pleased to see this! 
Joy! I hope everyone else who was effected have their broadband back too. 

Mine isn’t being picked up by either Now TV not the BT YouView box. Anyone else having similar issues?

It is indeed a joy Priya! I couldn't believe it at first. Now I can work whenever I need to/want to and also get back in touch with friends and family abroad etc.

I don't have those things you do so can't feedback on them. Hope they get sorted. Been good talking to you by the way, plus other contributors to this thread. You all really helped!

You could try switching off for 10 seconds and then switching on again.

it’s probably best to restart anything that depends on internet, as otherwise you may have unexpected problems.

Compensation for outage.

I called BT about this just now. They say that due to Covid, they couldn't get people out and normal compensation doesn't apply, hasn't done since March. £1 per day was the rate given to me, though after some remonstrating, I got an extra fiver. So, don't get your hopes up folks! 

For comparison/leverage Virgin started theirs back up at the start of June and pay £8 a day


It sounds like BT are trying to fob us off tbh.

First of all, it was an outdoor issue and how can we know for sure there was a covid issue amongst Open Reach who are not even part of BT anymore.

Throw in the Power Network delay reason too, will keep trying, using the loyalty card too!

£1 a day for total loss of service doesn't sound right at all compared to the usual £8?!??

Anyway, the internet is back. That's the main thing i guess!

It seems so paltry indeed. BT don't seem to be in the mood for giving much (anything) away. I tried the loyalty card and get an extra few quid. I can't face keeping on phoning them and being on hold so long. If anyone gets a better result, let us know! Playing the Covid card doesn't seem ethical at all. 



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