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Hi all,

I recently came across a really inspiring story about a group of residents in Liverpool who transformed the alleyway behind their houses into a green and beautiful space. See the facebook link below for info and pictures. There's a similar project in Middlesborough.

I know that Harringay Passage isn't quite the same as this; none of us have back yards/gardens that open onto the passage.

However, I wonder if many of us could come together, and come up with ideas to make the passage a brighter, greener and more inviting space to walk through? The section nearest to me, between Fairfax and Effingham, happens to be the widest - so lots of opportunity to make it nicer. 

Also - I wondered if ideas such as this had been discussed / tried before?


Dan (Fairfax Road)


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It's a great idea but it starts with boring stuff unfortunately. Stop people letting their dogs sh*t all over it, stop takeaways scooters riding up and down it as a cut through, make it safer in the darker hours, especially for women.

I'd prefer this kind of stuff rather than some pretty flowers.

I agree with you. However, I think these two things go hand in hand. I think once you make a statement to say 'this is looked after by residents', some of the behaviour you mention might stop.



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