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Can someone point me in the direction of any positives so far from Brexit?

I'm hoping it will take my mind off thinking about unleaded and floppy carrots. 

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I simply cannot fathom why maggie and others omitted the fathom. Even the Ancient Greeks had their fathom or 'orguia', albeit in two variants: the 'hapla' or simple and the 'basiliké' or imperial. 

'Full fathom five thy father lies; of his bones are coral made . . .'   That'd be ten yards, thirty feet down. 

On dry land the fathom is what the NHS should have used for social distancing. Can't fathom why they didn't.

Ah, there is always one!

I was on dry land but now I'm all at sea; I cannot fathom why the fathom is 6.0761 ft (in practice 6 ft), or if you prefer 2.02667 yds. Interesting that the maritime units are decimal i.e. 100 fathoms = 1 cable, 10 cables=1 nautical mile; or1000 fathoms to the nautical mile. 

Having said all of that the fathom is not an International Standard unit nor an internationally accepted non-International Standard unit. Go fathom!

From France we get brandy, from Jamaica comes rum,

Sweet oranges and lemons, from Portugal come,

But stout and strong cider, are England's control,

Give me the punch ladle, I'll fathom the bowl!

Yes Maggie, I saw the contradictions but thought Why not?

But thanks for the verse.

...and heres the Irish version. x


I was once told that a fathom was the width of a man's outstretched arms. My take on imperial measures is that they correspond to parts of the average (i.e. often adult male) body and therefore are more easily interpreted by humans than the metric system which was derived from dividing up the Earth's circumference. I still find that to be true - I can gauge a foot much more easily than a number of centimetres, despite having grown up with the metric system.

There are also loads of benefits.

There are many British companies setting up branches on the continent thus creating loads of jobs for EU citizens and tax income....for the EU host countries....think Rep of Ireland, the Netherlands or Lithuania.

EU students will no longer come to study in the UK - too much hassle and cost - and will go to an alternative EU university and create synergies that will benefit the host countries and the EU whereas before the UK economy benefitted from this.

I'll post other benefits if you want me to....

I guess there’s some potentially good news if you’re a developer, road/rail builder who’s got no conscience about biodiversity impact. Lots of wildlife at risk of losing their protected species status to ease planning ‘red tape’ http://https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/jul/02/red-squi...



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