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Hi, it is just one old video made 20 years ago of my very small wedding and I woud be very grateful if someone local can help. i Know I could probably go online for this but i do not want to risk its loss 

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Hi - I had a  home made video converted to a DVD by Snappy snaps a few years ago - presume they could still do that.Good luck!

Betamax transfer is less available than VHS, but there's a place in Camden that offers it, and I expect you can take your video there rather than entrust it to the Post Office:


Kodak Express Camden

75 High Street
London NW1 7JL
0207 387 9882

Dear Kate and Gordon, thank you very much for your helpful responses xx

Geraldine, I have used this local company several times for similar transfers - they're not cheap but extremely careful and reliable, which is important with precious material.

These people can concert almost anything to anything.



I just did this- in Foto Plus in Crouch End. Like you, I didn't want to send them off anywhere because they were my only copies but Foto Plus do it in store.  It didn't take long and they put them on a USB.

Good luck!



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