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My car needs a new m.o.t and probably a bit of work. I'm North of the ladder on Wightman Road.

Anyone know a decent garage which won't rip me off?

Thank you

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I have had great service from Kwikfit on Broad lane N17. Easy parking, cheap mot when booked online. Have had favours etc without charge. They can do most standard work.

There's one at the back of Tesco on the North Circ, specialises in French cars, but does other makes. They were highly recommended by a neighbour and fellow Mazda driver and they seemed v straight — said work big dealership was 'recommending' for MOT wasn't necessary, and they were right, when we queried it dealership said was just advice and car only needed couple of minor things to pass MOT. 

Clee Brothers, just up from Wood Green tube station have always been great. http://www.clee-brothers.co.uk/

G&N Garage  at south end of Wightman opposite Jewsons. Been going to them for years.

I'll second G&N.

I'll third it.
Also been with them for years and went to them originally as their quote was far better than other local garages, they didn't do anything that wasn't really needed; and they are reliable.

My choice would be Tottenham Lane Service Station, have been there for years and often advised me not to spend money on certain things if not worth it etc - very honest.

Another vote here for Tottenham Lane Service Station. Have always found them easy to deal with and fair on price.

Cranleigh Garage, just off Black Boy Lane. Mario is honest, straight and really cost effective. 0208 802 1796. I introduced another female friend and she said it's the best thing I've ever done for her!

Can second Cranleigh Garage, I've been using them for MOT and other repairs for 10 years.

Thanks all. We went to Tottenham Lane in the end. Seemed pretty fair about the work needing done. Expensive, but aren't they all?

Another vote for G&N.

They've never done anything that wasn't necessary, and have found 2nd hand, i.e. cheaper, parts where appropriate



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