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This image shows the occupation given for an individual in rural Norfolk in 1861. Given that I can find nothing listed for any such occupation as Gercus, I assume I'm just unable to read the handwriting. (I'm assuming that the (ap) means apprentice.

Can you help?

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Hugh, could you show more of the entry/entries around that one, in case there are handwriting elements that might be useful?

Grocer?? with the r and o transposed?

Does this help? I think I can read most of every line apart from the one I want to read!

Wouldn't apprentice be a capital A? I'm thinking the second word is Op as in Operator, maybe the Gercus or Garcus or Gerciss or Garciss is machinery. Or does it start with a Cy rather than a G?

All in all I can't make any sense of it.

The person in question was 15. That's what led me to surmise apprentice. A few weeks back I came across an 1870s assistant under-apprentice gardener - phew talk about a stratified society!

It is a capital A - if you look at where it says Assistant and Agent further up, the letter is written the same as for this one.

Anything possible in here Hugh?

"Victorian Occupations - Job Titles in the 19th Century - Full list a to z on one page" http://www.census1891.com/occupations-all.php

Am currently in coviddy isolation so this is rather a fantastic challenge... 

My son suggested 'Crew'

Thank you all for this crop of suggestions. 

What it actually says & what it is meant to say may be quite different ?   I would go for " Apprentice Grocer" & assume the writer was tired, careless, & made a spelling mistake !   The enumerator probably had to write this final sheet out late at night to be taken in next morning.  I know that they also had working sheets of their own.  They sometimes also made  transcription as well as spelling errors during final transcription & have seen them regularly !   The word "Gricer" is modern & means train enthusiast ! so that's out  !

His father’s occupation is in the line above. In 1871 he was a buyer for a linen drapers in London. Does that help?

 I can see "Carrier" already as an occupation (after Ret Blacksmith)- If the G has been amended to a C, why cant he have written Carriers Apprentice ???? Railways had started to cover the whole country in 1861, so they still needed road distriburution from Stations, and in the case of thatchers, many cart loads of thatch



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