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This image shows the occupation given for an individual in rural Norfolk in 1861. Given that I can find nothing listed for any such occupation as Gercus, I assume I'm just unable to read the handwriting. (I'm assuming that the (ap) means apprentice.

Can you help?

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Hugh, could you show more of the entry/entries around that one, in case there are handwriting elements that might be useful?

Grocer?? with the r and o transposed?

Does this help? I think I can read most of every line apart from the one I want to read!

Wouldn't apprentice be a capital A? I'm thinking the second word is Op as in Operator, maybe the Gercus or Garcus or Gerciss or Garciss is machinery. Or does it start with a Cy rather than a G?

All in all I can't make any sense of it.

The person in question was 15. That's what led me to surmise apprentice. A few weeks back I came across an 1870s assistant under-apprentice gardener - phew talk about a stratified society!

It is a capital A - if you look at where it says Assistant and Agent further up, the letter is written the same as for this one.

Anything possible in here Hugh?

"Victorian Occupations - Job Titles in the 19th Century - Full list a to z on one page" http://www.census1891.com/occupations-all.php

Am currently in coviddy isolation so this is rather a fantastic challenge... 

My son suggested 'Crew'

Thank you all for this crop of suggestions. 

His father’s occupation is in the line above. In 1871 he was a buyer for a linen drapers in London. Does that help?

Could it be Currier?  One who curries (finishes) leather? They would certainly have an established apprentice scheme and a City Guild...

Is the word General and those in the brackets GP ?

Ro Oland



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