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Might not be the appropriate forum, but was wondering if anyone else has stumbled across the campsite at ally pally, or if anyone knows if it's related to the TA centre?

Just some musings whilst bored at work...

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Whereabouts is it Adrian?
There is a campsite? Wow... I know there was a circus there last summer but that doesn't count. Where is it?
One more clue needed - helipad!?!?
Well I never; a helipad at Ally Pally. Zoom out a bit and you can see the shape of the old racetrack still preserved, just to the East of the Helipad.
First I've heard of a campsite at AP. Knowing how the current management want to flog everything, I would doubt it.

I knew about the AP nuclear fallout bunker in the park, of course.
There's certainly no campsite up at Ally Pally - Lea Valley, Hackney & Epping Forest yes. I have a million and one campsite books with even the smallest farmers fields in.
It's probably a naturist squatter or something : )
Maybe someone had better tell him about the debt.
HARINGEY Council has been deeply, wilfully and chronically misleading about the supposed debt. It is notional and fictional.

Originally this "debt" arose from the council's loss of control over the rebuilding costs after the 1980 fire. And then they started adding interest - interest that our charity supposedly owes to the council.

In 1996, the Government Treasury Solicitor disallowed most of this "debt" – in scathing terms - but also allowed a small part of these monies. This most important letter in the history of Haringey mismanagement of our Trust, is attached. It is entirely possible that many on the Trust Board have not seen it let alone read it.

However, the Trust's Solicitor (effectively a council-crony) misleadingly refers to the small part allowed and never mentions the much larger part disallowed. Regardless, Haringey continue to ignore the direction of the Treasury Solicitor. The Trust Solicitor is less of an independent expert in Charity and Trust law and more of a well-paid political advisor/spin doctor employed by the council.

On the one hand, the council has written off the £34m of "debt" on their own books (as a sum owed to it). But on the other hand, our Charitable Trust, over which the council has total control, still show this as a sum owed to the council (!). Double entry bookkeeping conventions don't apply.

The latest wheeze is that the most recent "loss" of £3m (caused entirely by certain individuals in or formerly employed by the council) is also presented in the draft accounts for 2007/08 as owed by our Trust to the Council.

This huge loss was caused by a reckless Licence to Firoka in 2007, which was never properly discussed by the Trust Board and whose final version was not even seen by the Trust Board. Our Trust is not responsible for this Licence and the ensuing loss and they should reject it, along with the larger cumulative loss, also the responsibility of Haringey Council, not our Charity.

The two individuals most responsible for the Licence and implicated in the independent Walklate Report are:

(a) Councillor Charles Adje, former AP chairman and currently Haringey "cablnet member for resources", and

(b) Keith Edwin Holder, former General Manager of Alexandra Palace.

The Licence that allowed Firoka in for eight months and which led directly to the massive loss, was signed by no Trustee. It was supposedly signed by "Duly Authorised Representatives of the Licensor". The flimsy document looks shonky as hell to this layman and was almost certainly ultra vires (unlawful). Our Trust need not be bound by it.

Until the £34 or £37 million council-cloud is lifted from above our Palace, the future of our Charity is blighted by Haringey.
Might end up owning it. Yes, Firoz Kassam squatted in the palace for eight months last year, at the council's expense, paid nothing, took all the rents and exhibition fees - about 5-6m - and according to the latest accounts now being signed, will keep them.



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