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Cafe Tramp farewell, replacement will be Izmir restaurant & meze bar

At the moment no interior changes are apparent. Hat tip to Nick Michael for the spot.

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Holy granola. The waves of Turkish restaurant just keep on coming. Peeking into what looked like a promisingly redecorated Mezzo Tavern revealed a bog standard kebab production line. Also noticed a new Shisha bar opening by the Sheldon 'hotel.' Nothing against Turkish food - absolutely love my quarterly kebab, and I'd have it nowhere but on Green Lanes. For the Nth time - we have just a bit more variety please? 

No one can complain really as the market decides. Any time someone opens up an non Turkish place they get a list of moaners on here!

Yes, go back far in time to the days of Bingol/Flame and you'll be (as I am) incredibly grateful for what we have here. Sad to see it go but... I think it did struggle and that's a tough spot with just the park on the other side.

Although to be fair, Mezzo is on the site of the very first Ocakbasi ever to open on this stretch of Green Lanes, and to my mind still the best, the 'Erenler'. I was really disappointed when it closed down in 2004, just at the time when Turkish restaurants were really taking off around here.

Aaah, Erenler. Now you're talking. White linen tablecloths.  I lived in the top flat above it in the mid 90s and took my now husband there on the first night I met him in the early 2000s. Sometimes equalled but never bettered. 

I'm pretty sure there was a massage parlour / brothel on the site in the 1990s.

Hope that doesn't put anyone off their meal

It was. Haldun who ran Tramp it was his dream as he used to live in the flat above when he first moved to Harringay I think it was late 79`s. Its a shame it didn't work out but to be fair he he had health problems and he is a very decent man

same here. Bored. I love Turkish food, but there is a limit....specially towards Wood Green. Apart from Ezra (which is quite good by the way), there are no other options other than Turkish...

A nice Italian, Spanish, Greek, Burger.... would be very welcome.  I miss Autograf....

Alex, I am just checking that you know that the original Autograf with all the same wonderful Polish home cooking is still open about 2 minutes away from Ducketts Common down the West Green Rd. Link here. http://www.autograf.biz/eng.html 

Just recommending a few good ones if you haven't tried them:

Italian: Passione e Tradizione, 451 W Green Rd, West Green, London N15 3PL

Burger: Goneburger at the Salisbury and Bun and Bar are great :-)

Greek - haven't tried this place - but apparently this is good - https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g186338-d13143769-R...

Spanish... not a clue! hah

And don't forget Blend!

Nick M, perhaps you could suggest, beyond San Marco, a few other worthwhile places to eat within reach of Harringay, since nothing in the locality satisfies you judging by what you write?

Genuine request - not a snippy comment masquerading as a question.



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