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Is Harringay's loss Tottenham's gain?

I walked past this below - see attached photo - on a walk down West Green Road in N15 just around the corner from Lawrence road. Apparently they hope to be open by the end of the year.

Billy H. (and others) will be quite satisfied that a new cafe is opening to offer variety to the scene at the east end of WGRd!

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Yes our loss, would appear to be their gain. A walk down Green Lanes to Cafe Lemon was quite nice, WGR not so.

Well, it's not quite the same as sauntering around the harbour at St Tropez, but the arrival of Café Lemon has to be a good thing for the West Green Road. I've met the guy who owns this place and he's a good egg

You know if they're busy on West Green Road? Walked passed a few times but it's difficult to see in because of the layout. That's one thing that puts me off going in. 

not open yet.

a walk down Green Lanes is quite nice? Really?!
Very happy to hear this

Last time I looked Tottenham was still in Haringey and there is a different vibe in SoTo these days. Love WGR although we are short of a "go to" Turkish (though a good few on the High Road) - still so much else to chose from - Bom Pecado, Beavertown, Blighty, Big Bowl, ChickenTown, Craving Coffee, STYX and now Cafe Lemon, Loven and Bar Humbug. We're celebrating the range of choice across the Borough and enjoying the rich mix in our 'hood .

Noted and was being a bit tongue in cheek!

ah! gotcha



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