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A BUS strike today. Also, there's another bus strike on 13th. And there's a further one scheduled for the 16th

STROUD Green & Harringay library was shut this morning when I went along. I thought they were on strike but it appears that the staff couldn't get in due to the bus strike.

As I understand it, library staff receive no dispensation to enable them to park in a CPZ (in order to get to their work place), so they're obliged to use public transport.

I've just walked from Stroud Green to Muswell Hill (for the area forum) and back again, because of today's bus strike. The less able-bodied are not so fortunate.

Residents who depend on buses, like me, might note there are strikes planned for the 13th and the 16th of February.

You may wish to mark this in your diary and plan ahead.

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My friend the cleaner, who works her socks off for £10 an hour, wasn't able to get to work today so she is £60 down over the week.

Ironically, this means she probably won't be able to buy her weekly bus pass on Monday.

Of course, the busmen get free transport so that won't worry them

No it won't, as Busmen are not responsible for her low wage rate.

They are responsible for her wage rate being even lower this week. If they feel that they have to take industrial action, why don't they find a way to hit the managements, rather than the innocent third-party travelling public who have no way of influencing the format of the negotiations ?

As an example of how to hit the management, why don't they run the services but refuse to collect the fares ?

There are no cash fares anymore, so they couldn't refuse. Also they have no legal protection to do this. They don't get paid when they strike, so they lose money too. Perhaps you might support the fight against low pay instead of moaning at the suffering of the low paid?

I know there are no more cash fares but they can just let people on without touching in.

Yes, and my bus driver friend says they have management instructions to do so if the passenger is potentially vulnerable - young/v. old/night bus no alternative; and they can print out a 'need to top up before next journey' paper ticket which covers the driver's liability to an unpaid fare at the driver's discretion.

As well as being a varying inconvenience to all, these strikes hit hardest, the poor, the elderly and the disabled.

Ah yes, the same old chestnuts. Are you saying you are against the strike, against bus workers getting a decent wage?

@John D  A nice idea, but not thought out. If the drivers were to do that, they would be in breach of their employment agreements and therefore liable to dismissal. Striking still is, as far as I'm aware, a democratic right. But perhaps not for much longer if 'lightweight Dave' gets back in.

@Clive  So Cleegers has been going around today announcing an end to Austerity. Maybe the Busmen, will get decent wages, if he is returned to power. Which is highly unlikely and why he's promising 'pie in the sky' for tomorrow.

There was an interesting interview on BCC London Thursday evening between with the Unite union rep and someone from Go Ahead, the biggest player in London. The Unite bloke said that all they want to have was all of the companies at talks, rather than being forced to negotiate 1 by 1 in order to deal with the £9,000 difference in some driver salaries for doing the same job. The chap from Go ahead said that this would be unlawful because it would be negotiating with them as a cartel. The Unite person reminded him that unions have negotiated with groups of employers from the construction industries for years on pay and conditions. I really do think that the bus companies have it in their hands to bring this dispute to an end but that some companies simply don't want to pay a decent wage.

That rep was Pete Kavanagh, who lives off West Green Road. He does a fantastic job for his members, and the only working class people left in London who get a half decent wage are those belonging to a strong union and represented by people like him. John Trayner of Go Ahead was basically lying, claiming there hadn't been any communication with the union when there evidently had been, and implying that collective bargaining was illegal, when it is not. He ended up looking like a disingenuous fool. Lovely stuff.




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