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Like many people I thought that my journey times on the bus between Iceland and Manor House had increased substantially since the closure of the Wightman Road bridge.  I emailed Tfl for data on journey times and they kindly sent me the numbers for the whole of January 2016 (before the bridge closure) and May (after the bridge closure).  I asked for the information on the 29, 141 and 341 buses running between Salisbury Road to Manor House as this is seems to be the most congested part of Green Lanes as it runs through the area.

I've had a quick look and charted the average journey times for the 29 bus, in both directions, which is attached.  In summary what the numbers seems to be saying are

Monday to Friday southbound.  (Iceland to Manor House). There is virtually no difference in the journey times going south.  When the bus lane ceases to be in operation the journey time rises by about 1 minute.

Monday to Friday northbound (Manor House to the Post Office).  About a minute longer on average until the parking restriction cease and then about an extra 4 minutes on average

Saturdays southbound.  Very little difference until 10am then an increase of around 2.5 minutes.

Saturdays northbound.  Same as southbound but a slightly longer increase of 3 minutes on the average journey time from 10am

Sundays southbound.  Hardly any difference until 10am then an increase of about 2 minutes

Sundays northbound.  The mornings are more or less the same but then an increase of almost 6 minutes between 1-4pm and again between 7-10pm

I have to admit to being surprised as I thought journey times would have increased far more but wonder how much of this is down to the perception you have when you're in traffic of going nowhere.

It's also clear that allowing parking on Green Lanes has a real impact on journey times.  The northbound traffic snarls up badly on Sundays when the restaurants and other businesses are the most busy and when the Arena traffic is at it's height.

The northbound data is probably the most interesting because, as there is no bus lane going north, buses travel with the rest of the traffic at all times so average journey times for vehicles is probably about the same or less (as cars don't have to stop at bus stops)

Attached is a PDF of the charts for the 29 bus and the full data sets (Excel) for those with a mind to have a play with them.

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Nice work!

My commute through the bridge closure on my bicycle is 2 minutes longer (according to Strava).

Does Strava detect the dismount and adjust accordingly?

No, it's able to give you moving time/total time (so you can discount the time spent waiting at lights if you want) but doesn't know whether you are walking/cycling.

That's interesting, it's definitely taking longer because I arrive at the station later. I wonder are we waiting longer at the bus stop then? Are there fewer buses?

If you look at the Excel data sheet is gives the number of actual bus journeys. I haven't looked at that bit yet.

Had a quick look at the 29 bus and there were 6299 journeys in January and just over 6,000 in May so not substantially different. There were also 2 bank holidays in May so they would have run a weekend service on those days which probably accounts for the difference.

Even if that were to represent an absolute difference across the month, it would only be 10 bus journies a day. I'd have thought that the effect of a reduction on such a scale would be almost imperceptible, unless it was concentrated in a very narrow time period. 

Hmmm... I don't know.

Do you have the 141 data as well? It is puzzling!

It's all in the Excel spreadsheet for all three bus routes.

I think the worst buses affected are the ones going across the top of the ladder and anything coming down Westbury Ave.

I agree John. The 144 certainly has been (or was)  affected.



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