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Just wanted to warn people to be vigilant as my neighbour on pemberton road was burgled yesterday evening. Someone kicked her front door in at around 7pm.

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Police detective I spoke to a few years ago had one main recommendation; get an alarm fitted. He said the burglar will simply move onto the next house that doesn't have one.

Have a look on streetview at Wood Vale N10. Practically every house has an alarm fitted.

Wood Vale map Residents/homeowners there would have learnt this from experience. Wealthier areas are targeted. This area is becoming one of those.

I'm not sure if this is related, but whilst I was out today apparently we had a caller who claimed to be a neighbour looking for recommendations for a cleaner. Apparently the person wasn't asking for me and didn't claim to know either me or my partner.

Am I being too sensitive, or does this sound a bit out of place?

Quite a middle class request for this type of door knocking opportunism.

I usually just get someone who is looking for Bill or Ben or Bert or Brian etc... This must indicate that the burglars are aware of the changing demographic of the neighbourhood.

Anyway, yes I would treat it with suspicion. I suspect any number your 'neighbour'  might have claimed to live at would have turned out to be entirely fictitious. As they have always proved to be when I get these kinds of callers. 

Nope. You're right to find it odd.

As a lot of the break ins were around dusk (ours) -some daytime -there's no way (with the return commuters heading back) that they'd take a gamble on just kicking in a door panel etc. And a mere absence of light is not enough as they'll know that some houses/flats have rooms at the back.

Coincidentally I had a knock at the door around 10pm. It took me 30 seconds to open the door as we're now deadlocking at nights. Surprise, no one there. Unless there are kids here playing 'ginger' I suspect that the bastards who did us last week are chancing their arm on what they/he/she couldn't make off with last time.

On that note. Does anyone have clear descriptions on suspects? I'm quite happy to take dusk/evening strolls every hour or so down Pemberton. Gives me a worthy excuse to pick up some Grolsh from the lovely Mehmet on Green lanes  :)

> Unless there are kids here playing 'ginger'

Not to derail but what does this expression mean?

- Empyrean, parent to a child with beautiful red hair

Knock Down Ginger was a part of many young boys' (and no doubt girls') lives. Aged around 8, we favoured a house on our route home from school that had a huge brass bell with a rope hanging from the clapper. We had a hoot until one day the poor householder had had enough and lay in wait for us.

Yet I digress, I post not to reminisce but was prompted to do so after reading EA's comment. It made me wonder at the origin of the game's name. The only option I came up with from a very quick Google was this one (and I'm not convinced):

The origin of knock down ginger came from council estates because all the doors were stained a ginger colour, hence knock down ginger.

It does a bit. Opportunist thief knocks on door, if the door is answered they give your their prepared storyline and move on, if there is no answer they assume the house is empty and start looking for ways to break in.

They definitely didn't know you Hugh, otherwise they would have realised you would have simply added the appropriate metatag to their request and refer them to the relevant TradesPerson section of this site!


This came through from the LCSP on Friday... FYI


Dear All,

Please find attached the agenda for our forthcoming meeting on Thursday, 13 March.

In addition we have been informed that there has been an unusually large spike in the number of burglaries in Harringay Ward over the past few days after a period of generally low numbers.

Historically, most burglaries in our area are opportunist, ie entry is often gained via an insecure or even open door or window so please ensure you don’t make life too easy for criminals and never leave any windows or doors open and unattended, even if you are in your property.


Further steps you can take to reduce your vulnerability:

•      make sure all windows have a secure window lock firmly fitted and a stop to prevent them opening more than a few inches

•      do not leave valuable items (especially computers etc) in full view of the front window, put up blinds/shutters/net curtains to screen items from public view

•     always  use a mortice lock and do not rely on a simple Yale type lock

•      consider fitting a ‘London bar’ to the side of your front door for extra strength to reduce its vulnerability to being kicked in

•      if you live in a flat, make sure that the communal front door is secure – this is often the weakest link

•      burglars like flat roofs: do not leave accessible windows/doors insecure


Remember that your local SNT police officers will gladly offer free advice about the safety and security of your property: if you have any concerns, contact them at harringay.snt@met.police.uk or on 0208 721 2677


Above all, if you see something suspicious, trust your initial instinct and call the police immediately, via the dedicated 101 or 999 police numbers, depending on the seriousness of the situation.


More information will be provided at the LCSP meeting on Thursday

Best wishes


Chair LCSP



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