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We are looking to do a kitchen extension into our side return and are wondering if anyone has any experience of using buildteam or can recommend a company to us that works in the area?



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I can definitely recommend David O'Doherty who has done a lot of this type of work in the area. He and his team did our kitchen and adjoining room 2 years ago working to architect's drawings and dealing with the council buildings control, they approved his work on each visit without question. David has done a number of jobs for me over the years and he is very experienced and honest - he takes real pride in his work, won't cut corners and won't encourage you to undertake work that doesn't need doing. He works extremely hard and his rates are also very reasonable. I would always get 2 or 3 quotes and include David, you'll get him on 07956416625.   

You have wrote a number of positive reviews for David. I contacted him and he came around to quote on a job. He came across as a nice guy but I had to chase him numerous times for a promised quote but he never replied.

Hi Nick. Sorry to hear that, I know he had to visit New Zealand a couple of times over the last 12 months or so due to a family tragedy but would have no idea if that was the reason. Feel free to let me know if you would like me to contact him to pass on your concern.

On a smaller scale 6 months ago David did our knock-through lounge/back room. He wasn't always the quickest to respond to emails but when he was working he was very thorough and professional.

We would go back to him again if we ever do a side return.

If my memory serves me right David does very little correspondence by email and hence doesn't interrogate them regularly - I've nearly always relied on the phone.

Thanks for your advice. I will contact all these people! Bart, I have tried to send you a pm
We are using a very good builder called Kay on our apartment in Crouch Hill - we run an architecture practice and he works for just about everybody in the office so very reliable and trustworthy. If you message me I would be happy to send his details on.

Hi Barts, we need a builder to quote us for a house refurbishment in the ladder, I was wondering if I can message you to get Kay's details? Thanks

Absolutely - happy to pass it on - know he is a bit slow with quotes but just keep on him 07904 405249. My name is Claire Barton. He is actually called Zen but we call him "Kay"

Many thanks Claire! Will definitely give him a call. 



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