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We live in a ground floor flat on Pemberton Road. In a quirk that we inherited from the previous owner, we are also the freeholders for the house, which has two flats. We've never had a problem getting insurance before, but this year all sorts of obstacles are being put in our way. The online forms don't allow for this situation, and even when we speak to a human being, they can't seem to help. Even the company we used last year is saying they can't give us what we want.

Is anyone else in this situation, and how did you resolve it?

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I had this problem in my old place - best option is probably to go through a broker e.g. https://adlerfairways.co.uk/property-insurance/freeholder/ 

Thanks Malc, we're exploring that.

And surely some of the cost of insuring the building goes into the charges you pass on to the other lease holder….

I don't share your precise situation but I did have a problem getting buildjng insurance both through a broker and directly with aviva. I am glad to say that I ended up accepting a good offer from NFU Mutual. This excellent company has branch offices with real people. I dealt with their Cheshunt branch who were very helpful.



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