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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

I noticed this tweet this morning. As Michael says, I hope Haringey know what they're doing.

I voiced my fears before about low traffic neighbourhoods being developed around us worsening traffic on the Ladder. 

After a period of intense activity things seems to have gone quiet on the development of a Harringay Ladder LTN.

With the dethroning of Ejiofor, I understand that LTN-supporter Matt White may be replaced in the Haringey cabinet. So let's hope that the momentum doesn't get in the way of Harringay's LTN.

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I was at an online meeting for St Ann's LTN on Monday and Matt said he's being replaced by Mike Hakata.

Do we know anything about Hakata’s attitude to LTNs?

His twitter feed suggests he's fully onboard. The real question is 'do we know anything about Hakata's competence?'

He's one of my ward councillors and I've always found him really good actually - seems on top of the local issues, really engaged, and he does what he says he'll do. 

He seemed to be on board in our meeting. He didn't say very much, well he wasn't in my break out group so he might have said more in the group he was in. I'm not convinced about LTNs personally but I think the majority of the people at our meeting are.

He was at the the inaugural meeting of St Anns Healthy Streets nearly 2 years ago and has encouraged our community ever since to pursue LTNs and school streets. 

So the plans for the St Anns LTN and also the Bruce Grove LTN will go out for consultation before anything is implemented for a trial period. Recent discussions have flagged the need for mitigation of any impact on surrounding areas e.g the ladder. Mike was very clear that they will be looking at mitigating the impact of borough LTNs on other areas e.g. the ladder. Not sure what that might look like yet.

There's a lot of energy and funding behind all this, so do take the time to get involved and have your say. Hopefully we can find a position whereby all of us benefit from this, though it's likely there'll be compromises we all have to make for the greater good of calmer residential streets and cleaner air in our borough.

The current intention seems to be that Belmont Road/Downhills Way won't be filtered, it will effectively be two LTNs with Belmont running through the middle.

I suspect (although I have no factual basis to this) that the council saw extending into another LTN west of Belmont/Downhills as an easy win as it won't take much to filter and, if you aren't restricting Belmont/Downhills, the impact on traffic won't be that high.

It useful to look at the impact on a map (Going clockwise)

  • Area marked as Duckett’s Green - proposed LTN
  • Area between West Green Road and St Ann’s Road - proposed LTN
  • The Gardens - through traffic restrictions 
  • Endymion Road - nothing
  • Area to the west of Harringay Station- various traffic restrictions
  • Area marked Wood Green -  various traffic restrictions 

Then look at what is plonk in the middle

Yes and heavy traffic on main roads makes travelling by bus a poor option, as they are stuck in the same traffic.

Which is why we need 24-hour bus lanes on green lanes. It's currently impassable to buses at peak times, just so a few people can park their range rovers 

It's the domino affect.

We had it here some years ago when Islington implemented a CPZ to control the commuter and Arsenal parking. If this road (Woodstock) had been a river you'd have been able to walk across the parked cars without your feet touching the road. So we wanted one and our neighbours didn't as they'd get the problem pushed their way.

It's the same with these LTNs. Soon most of London will be a no-go area for vehicles as each borough tries to cope with the increase of traffic by effectively banning it. They've done the parking bit with CPZs, now they want to stop the traffic from getting there in the first place.



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