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Over the last few months I've found it increasingly impossible to get anyone to answer the phone at Bridge House medical practice. I've spent the last 3 days calling at all times of the day to try and get someone to pick up, but to no avail, and sometimes I can be on hold for 30+ minutes!

I'm desperately trying to find out the status of a prescription that was sent through to them but along with no-one answering the phone, it seems that no-one is reading emails either, and with them not accepting anyone into the practice without an appointment I'm at a loss about how to get my medication!

Am I the only one that this is happening to? 

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Thanks for this. 

Yes AT Medics is private, and another place where the nhs is being privatised

they use a lot of nhs Gps, and also their own. They use our nhs buildings out of hours, and tbh they are a bit of a shambles, as doesn’t seem any accountability or follow up. Great if you have a one of problem, and they don’t need any notes, and you just need a script, 

But then they do cover wkend and evenings if that is all that suits you 

Yep a few weeks ago I needed my medication repeat prescription. Phoning Bridge House is a nightmare..  35 minutes plus. .. anytime... Medchem weren't helpful. They told me my prescription had'been blocked by Bridge House'. Got panicky thanks Medchem (it was not true). Tried going there to BH. Elderly man outside...he had leukaemia and couldn't get his meds or any reply. No means of speaking to anyone. After 6 pm phoned 111. They found my monthly repeat prescription had been shifted to pharmacist nearer me close to Blend. No it had not been blocked in anyway. Phoned pharmacist near me. Yes I could pick up tomorrow. 

The pattern you describe has been happening for months. Every time I do get through its a locum I've never heard of. BH has been falling apart for quite a while. Who is in charge? Is there any management?

The Heron Practice on Green Lanes (near West Reservoir) is very good. Efficient, well-staffed, and still convenient. We've had no cause for complaint in over a decade of using them. I think their catchment goes as far north as Seymour Road.

I chose them after walking out of Bridge House on the day I'd intended to register. The place reeked of officious incompetence and a lack of care. I might have misjudged it and it might have changed since then, but this thread suggests not. 

I have spent quite a lot of time on hold there in recent days (so much so that I have their hold music going round as an earworm!) but they do know that their telephone system is awful and they are in the process of changing it. 

Julia, they’ve known this for months and months now. I had a long conversation about it with one of the receptionists well before summer and nothing has changed. I’m afraid I’ve given up and changed practice - life is just to short to spend that amount of time on hold.


Same with my family.

After one hour ringing and if you lucky call answered, 

after a couple of sentences conversation, the call cuts off.

They suppose to caring for our anxiety but in reverse double up.

now, your prescription requirements, your chemist has a better success to get or find it.

An old thread and I think I might be wasting my time asking but what's it like at the various other health centres / doctors surgeries in the Harringay Green Lanes area - my recent experience here has been that they're absolutely useless - no in person appointments - they miss the phone appointments by a hour or more then you can't call them back because it just takes you to the receptionist / automated menu.....I'm well aware the NHS is under huge pressure with underfunding / understaffing / huge waiting lists - plus they're striking too - but this has reached the point where so far as I can see their very existence is pointless - and I got the impression that they're missing appointments on purpose to shunt you off the list as if they've actually dealt with you......what's everyone else doing? gone private? if so where? and what was the private experience like?

"Harringay Green Lanes" - you mean near the station?

Yes or within reasonable distance 

I use a surgery in Crouch End, but I've heard several good reports of the one in the new building on Green Lanes opposite Beresford, just north of Colina (Evergreen?). Not that near Harringay Green Lanes, but not too far either. 

I'm trying to stay as healthy as possible to avoid needing to contact NHS via that surgery. I get the feeling they don't want to be dealing with people and their health problems. We can't put it all down to underfunding all the time. I think face to face appts. are already becoming a thing of the past there and in other places. 



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