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The Boundary Commission have published their proposals for new parliamentary electoral areas to be in place from 2023


Locally this will mean

Tottenham constituency

Gains - Brownswood Park (on the south side of Finsbury Park) and Woodberry Down 

Loses - the areas around Belmont Rec, Lordship Rec and Downhills Park

Hornsey and Wood Green constituency 

Gains - the areas around Belmont Rec, Lordship Rec and Downhills Park

Loses - Coldfall, Muswell Hill and Highgate

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Thank you Michael, the Boundary Commission site wasn't clear to me.

The changes to    Tottenham    and     Wood Green & Hornsey     constituencies don't look to me (rare opinion) that either of them will become marginal.

The migration of Muswell Hill and further west into Finchley won't hurt that current MP either, unless the Lib Dems continue to rally compared to 2015/2017 [Wikipedia].

I think you’re right that the local political landscape is unlikely to change because of the new boundaries.  Hornsey and Wood Green has been a Lib Dem/Labour flip in the last few decades but losing Highgate and gaining bits of N22 and N17 will probably make it a very safe Labour seat.  The interesting change is that boundaries will no longer take account of local authority area so Tottenham constituency will span both Haringey and Islington councils.  Elsewhere in the country people could end up with, for example, Conservative MP who deals with both Lib Dem and Labour local authorities - could be a hoot.

It will also span parts of Hackney. I think these will be welcome changes for Mr Lammy. His interests appear much more aligned with those of the new-build occupiers of Finsbury Park and Woodberry Down than they do with his soon-to-be ex constituents around Lordship Rec.

And right on cue, an even-handed assessment from the always interesting Diamond Geezer, who lives in Bow which will be in one of the two new extra London constituencies.



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