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Link below to a list who is standing in each ward in Haringey.


Edit 29 April.  Link stopped linking so I’ve renewed it.

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They've never even knocked on our door. Nor have they ever acted on any of the things that are important to us.

Hi John and Brian, 

I'm one of the three Labour candidates in Harringay. As Zena mentioned, we are out speaking to residents almost every single day. We must have called while you were out. I live on Green Lanes and would be very happy to come round and introduce myself whenever you have time for a chat. 

Best wishes, 


Anna Abela

Labour local council candidate for Harringay ward

Hello Anna,

Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, for me and Haringey Labour it's a matter of too little and too late. 

I have voted Labour for most of my life but in Haringey Labour has taken residents for granted for too long. There has been too much neglect and incompetence and those responsible have not been held to account. Millions have been wasted on property deals and the councillors involved have been protected by the party and at least one of them is standing for election again. Labour has descended into factional infighting and the focus has been on beating the other faction rather than delivering services and helping residents. The decision to rename Black Boy Lane and spend hundreds of thousands of pounds that should be spent on those who need it most was the last straw for me. The contempt for residents and particularly the views of the people living on Black Boy Lane was obvious.

I know you are a new candidate so none of that is your fault (nor is it Zena's - she is a good councillor). You have an impressive profile and I wish you well for the future but this time I won't be voting for Labour. Perhaps next time.

Best wishes,


They'd get a right ear bashing of they had the cheek to knock on doors around Black Boy Lane.

Only seen the Lib Dems in my bit of Stroud Green.  Haringey Labour taking votes here for granted and not been seen out and about much.  On many local issues Labour Councillors are required to vote with their party against local concerns so however nice they  may be as individuals not much value to us as councillors.   According to recent attendance records two of them hardly turned up for council meetings anyway.  Not getting my vote.


I am after some info about the candidates. So far all I can find is a list of names and their parties. How does anyone find out what we should know before we decide who to vote for. To vote simply by party means trusting the party to vet and approve candidates on our behalf. But too often this seems to fail. How do I find out more information about the background, integrity, vision and commitment of the prospective candidates?

thank you

"GirlOnBike" you're right. Especially as there is no longer the former range of local newspapers.

A while ago I mentioned HoL's Hugh Flouch and Liz Ixer who - many elections ago - made and posted short videos of local candidates who agreed to take part. As I remember they asked the same general questions of each candidate and left it to them to choose how they answered.  Liz Ixer used a fairly basic camera and did the editing. They made no charge. So candidates were treated equally.

At another election pther residents had the same idea and I remember a couple of basic short videos of a few candidates.

I suspect there may be a reluctance for local Parties to use these tools. Perhaps there's a feeling that video has to be very professional and polished. And that the legally limited budgets allowed for local elections won't permit it.  But the use of relatively cheap cameras showed that any such worries are unnecessary. In the last century a brilliant friend of mine taught me how even amateur rough-&-ready media has a special punch.

I suggest, G-on-B that you may wish to use email or the phone number on the Party election leaflets & ask for candidates to contact you.

In my own ward we've not had any leaflet other than from Labour. I'm not voting for apparent Momentum cuckoos, so this time I really want to know the options.

A short video from each candidate on what they stand for and how they're going to improve our lives would be great. 

Zena and Anna kindly visited my door and i was impressed, but I would like to hear what the alternative candidates have to offer and how they could change the culture at the council and improve our lives.

Actually in all honesty I'm really confused and conflicted as a life long Labour voter!  I'd vote Labour in the general elections I just feel let down by local politics.

Those videos took a long time back in 2010. It was an interesting experiment motivated by my wish that people should vote for the candidate and not the party. The election did unusually result in the election of two LD candidates, but I concluded that our efforts didn’t make much of a difference an that most people didn’t give a great deal of thought to acting their vote and still voted along party lines. 

There were 80 threads on the elections and I even set up an elections home page! Click the TV screen to go to the video interviews on You Tube. Some of the candidates who stood then are standing again this time for Harringay Ward (links below for videos).

Zena Brabazon (L)David Schmitz (LD), Karen Alexander (LD), Gina Adamou (L)


Which ward are you in? I'm a Lib Dem candidate for Stroud Green ward and happy to tell you a bit about our team - otherwise if you are in Harringay I can put you in touch with Karen, Ryan and David. :)


Hi Tom!

I'm Harringay - in the middle of the Ladder.  It would be great to meet the candidates :)

Many thanks! Rae



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