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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Link below to a list who is standing in each ward in Haringey.


Edit 29 April.  Link stopped linking so I’ve renewed it.

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Of course, candidates are always selective in what they tell voters. Before nomination, one of the new Labour candidates in St Ann's made much of their Haringey upbringing and attendance at a local school, but omitted to say that they appear to have done sixth-form studies and A levels at one of the four highest-rated independent (ie private) schools in the UK, which may have helped prepare them for subsequent admission to Balliol. I'm not knocking the education - I went to a similar school - but then I'm not running as a political candidate, parading capital "S" socialist principles and trying to show people I'm just an ordinary local. Perhaps this CV detail lacked street cred? Mind you, we can all do "I'm prolier than thou...."; it's just a question of how you select the facts.

I notice that Stroud Green Labour made a last minute change from the candidates they were originally promoting.  Not sure If that is evidence of more infighting. Give the poor attendance of current Labour councillors (as published by the Council) they have a credibility issue I suspect 

Do you know who they had originally said they had selected as candidates in Stroud Green?

 Kishore Kukendrarajah tweeted a commendably detailed explanation which is available here.

If you're not able to read it, I have a screengrab and can post it on HoL. The key sentences & phrases appear to be:
"As I had to move out of my old flat last year there was a period where I was not living in Haringey over the last twelve months".
"... the party deemed that there would be a 'significant risk' that there would be some issue with the papers on the day ..."

At least in my personal view, this also points to a problem for all parties in finding good new candidates who actually know what the work of a local councillor entails and bring experience, commitment, skills, and principles to it.

There are further problems with people who move home. Or appear - as in the case of another candidate - to have two homes; or perhaps a series of temporary addresses.

It seems from my online search that Kishore Kukendrarajah had already been selected by Stroud Green branch Labour members and had begun doorstep canvassing for votes, before the 'significant risk'  came to light.
"Call me Kish. This was how a young man introduced himself after knocking on our door canvassing for votes in the local council elections." [Daily Telegraph]

That’s a shame. He was on the shortlist for Harringay ward and I was impressed by him.  

Has anyone had any party knocking on their door ?

LibDems and Labour 

Not Labour .They never do. Yes Lib Dems

Been knocking on doors for weeks John!


Zena Brabazon

Cllr, Harringay ward

But not mine. Would very much like to meet you :-)

Hi John

No problem. When and where?


Zena Brabazon

Cllr, Harringay ward

Labour Candidate 

Not my ward but I bumped into the Harringay Lib Dems - impressive and free to challenge the majority group



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