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With charity shops closed and things mounting up, thought I'd see if anyone wanted any of these books. If so, DM me which ones and I can leave on wall outside my front door for you to collect at arranged day/time. 

Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty. Australian contemporary fiction-quite funny in parts. 

Why I Write- George Orwell. Classic, speaks for itself.

Promises to Keep: thoughts in Old Age. Richard Hoggart. Another classic. 

The German Trauma- Gitta Sereny. Holocaust investigative writing. Tough reading, very detailed but highly informative and though provoking. 

Moments of Reprieve- Primo Levi, stories of individuals in the concentration camp where he was imprisoned.

The Children of Men- P.D. James. The film was very loosely based on this novel. 

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There is a book box / free library on upper tollington road just north of the bridge over to the park. Please feel free to drop your books there if the weather is bed! I believe it is lit by solar panels...

hi Bee, thanks for letting me know that, I didn't realise it was there. I'll do that for any that don't get taken here. 

I don’t know the exact address but it is @fairylitlibrary on Twitter!

Sounds lovely! Worth a visit just to see it. 

Hi Folks, just one book left unclaimed for now- 9 Perfect Strangers. If no takers, I'll drop into the book box that Bee has mentioned. thanks! 



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