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Hi all!

I'm new on the site so I hope this is in the right category.

I was wondering if there is already a book exchange group in Harringay.

I read a lot (mainly fiction novels, drama, romance, you name it..) and rather than just put the books away I wonder if some one else might be interested in swapping books with me, who knows maybe even discussing them.

I guess I could create an excel sheet with the books I have in case any one is interested. I'm moving flat in the next week so I'll get working on that as soon as I unpack.

Hope to hear from another bookworm like me 

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Hi Colette,

You could try checking out Haringey Literature Live: http://haringeyliteraturelive.com/clubs/

Good luck!

Thanks Alys.

Hello Cosette,

I hope you've found our book exchange shelves at Karamel cafe, 4 Coburg Road, N22? You can swap books as often as you like - you have access to hundreds of books, for free! If you would like to set up a book group or a short-story discussion group do email me, we can help to publicise it - you can use Karamel as your meeting place, it's a lovely cafe. We also run creative writing workshops there on Wednesdays, and we hold free readings of poetry and fiction in the evenings, the first Thursday of each month, so do come along and say hello!

Best wishes,


Hi Kate

That sounds ideal, you might see me there on the next reading and will definitively be taking advantage of your exchange system.

Thank you

Thanks Pete, I'll have a look, I've hear of it but never visited.

Cosette, I'd be interested in talking to you further about your ideas. I have far too many books as I'm a hoarder, but I love to check out more, and I do have quite a lot of books which need a new home.

There are a couple of charity shops on Green Lanes - Marie Curie and Raising My Voice foundation, and they also have some good books at very reasonable prices - mostly £1 - £1.50 at Marie Curie, 50p at RMVF.

I will also come and check out the Karamel club bookswap next time I'm up that way.

There are several library reading groups in Haringey including one at St Ann's Library (N15) - where are you moving to?

Hi Luci

Thanks for replying, currently living on Endymion road and moving this week just a few blocks away to Burgoyne Road.

I'm planning on visiting the charity shops tomorrow, I usually get my books that way but I do have way too many and I'm always interested in exchanging or discussing them with people.

Hope you have a nice weekend.

Hi Cosette, I've just seen your reply 6 months later, oops. Are you still looking to set up some sort of bookswap?

St Ann's Library reading group now meets on Thursdays, last one of the month at 6 pm. I don't know if Stroud Green Library at the top of your road has one?



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