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Books in Turkish needed for refugee camp in Greece - please get in touch if you have any to donate!

From Ruth Miller:

Hi. Does anyone have any books in Turkish language to give away? I run a multilingual library in a refugee camp in Greece. We have children's books in Arabic and Farsi but some children learned to read Turkish while living in Turkey before arriving in Greece.

Children's books especially needed.

I'd be happy to accept books for any reading level but especially for younger children. I can pick up from the local area, and will take the books with me when I go back to Greece in a week or so.

Thank you very much.

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I see very few signs that Turkish residents use this site.  You may try consulting one of the Turkish newspapers that one sees hereabouts:  eg




Names in members' email addresses suggest otherwise, Dick. 

Many thanks, both!


We have a lot of adult fiction and very few childrens books (no more than three)

Can you pick up near the Salisbury Pub?

Thank you! I have passed on your message to Ruth, and also DMed you.

She says 'yes', anytime tomorrow would be great to pick them up. Thanks.

Hi I think I DM'ed back

If I didn't pls let me know. (not tech savvy)

Hi, I don't seem to have received it. Is there a button below this reply to send a message? You should be able to click on that.

Ruth is really grateful for all the Turkish books that you gave her for the Refugee Library - thank you so much!

Pleased they are going to good use.

Hope she knows to not hesitate to contact me when she needs more.


I expect she does, but I'll pass on the message anyway. Thanks.



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