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Despite consultation results that have rejected the proposal, the Council are proceeding with the road renaming. Today, they issued the following statement.

A legal order issued on 7 December will set the renaming process in motion after Haringey Council’s Corporate Committee voted to change the name of Black Boy Lane to La Rose Lane. The name change will happen officially on 23 January 2023.

It doesn't do much for one's faith in the due process of the council. If they were going to do it anyway, why tease the local population with a meaningless consultation?

The item came to committee on 15 Sept, but the above statement has only just been issued. The relevant part of the agenda reports pack is attached below. The previous reports pack from 2021 is available via this HoL post

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I'm curious where the £500k figure came from?

£186,000 as reported in the Daily Mail... [link]

The Mail are likely to inflate the figure if anything, so it is very unlikely to be more than £186k. I wonder why people are saying it will cost £500k?

See Brian Mahoney's post which is about 6th in this thread. It provides quite a logical breadown of the costs. I'd say he's done a better job of estimating it than LBH has done. Regardless, even if it cost only £100, the money could be better used elsewhere. That's a few school dinners for a struggling family for instance or a day trip for a few people in an aged care home.

So £500k is the unbudgeted estimate of one HoL user...

So what's YOUR estimate ?

I don't pretend to know how much this would cost, I'm just a guy posting on an internet forum, same as everyone else who is giving their opinions on the cost of this project. 

I only asked where the £500k figure came from because I was curious and it seemed to have been plucked out of thin air, yet everyone was quoting it as if it was true. 

Jon.  The figure seems to have popped up in this post earlier in the thread.  Perhaps that person could share how they arrived at it.

You can see his name Michael. Why now use it? 

Sorry, you’ve lost me there Livi.  I was replying to Jon rather than John.

Jon — My memory is that, in the council’s online report of the original committee discussion (in 2021), officers gave an estimate of £300,000 for the renaming. I can’t now find the reference,  but if you look at the previous, very long, HoL thread on this subject, I think you may find a link to it. I don’t know why it might now be £500,000, but perhaps that could be an informed update?

All linked threads can be accessed via the tag underneath the original post above. 



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