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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Despite the removal of the now infamous 'Uncle Joe' Ejiofor, Haringey Council has continued down the path of ignorance and waste and now removed the interim measure signage referencing the historic name of the road. It now reads 'La Rose Lane'.

Hundreds of thousands of public money has been spent despite the facts that:

- residents didn't want it

- it was a knee jerk attempt to virtue signal by the Council leadership on the back of the 'Black Lives Matter' disorders im America.

- the road has been locally known as Blackboy Lane for hundreds of years and refers to the Blackboy Pub which in turn was named in reference to either chimney sweeps or an infant King of England with no genuine racial connotations whatever that are relevant to the UK.

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Did anybody ask any black boys if they felt offended by the name of this road? Was there a survey done amongst black people to ask their opinion?

It was done on their behalf by the Guardianista-types to ensure the appropriate level of offence and outrage was created.

Certainly the black people living on Black Boy Lane didn't seem worried as numerous messages on this forum and the Black Boy Lane signs many display in their windows attest. This article was particularly scathing of the proposed renaming.

“We have got to get out of this stupor that all Black things are bad.”

(Old black councillor's saying)

The complete disregard you have for the feelings of people who feel that it's time to move on and leave the colonial past where it belongs - on the past - speaks volumes. The idea that anyone who doesn't want archaic street names, statues of slave traders, etc. in our public realm is just 'a Guardianista-type' looking to take offence for the hell of it is why books like WHY I'M NO LONGER TALKING TO WHITE PEOPLE ABOUT RACE have become such big sellers. As a white middle-aged bloke myself, I find it incredibly depressing to see this reactionary bollocks and denial trotted out so glibly and with so little concern for others on a website dedicated to such a diverse and vibrant local area. 

I tried to read that book and found it to be absolute nonsense. It's simply an ill-informed young woman's personal perspective written through the lens of critical race theory where personal 'lived experience' is presented as fact regardless of what the actual facts and evidence are. 

Critical race theory is simply a marxist device to confuse people about their own history, dismantle the pillars.of western society and sew division. Your use of the term 'reactionary' suggests you've swallowed it whole!

Wait, Charles II was a chimney sweep?

This bit of heritage has certainly been lost!

The sign above is absolutely NOT the sign on the pub in 1980 and for some considerable time after.

So you've misremembered.

Could you try harder to maybe be a bit patronising in your assumptions? 

No. That would be rude.

I must have misremembered too as I lived on Philip Lane until 1983 and that wasn’t the pub sign then

Why are you sharing links to far-right YouTube sites? HISTORY DEBUNKED is pushing far-right views and is run by an open racist. Disgusting shite to be sharing here.

It's not a 'far-right' site by any objective measure. It does critique or debunk a range of fallacies including those embraced by the far left so I can see why you're attempting to discredit it. 

I notice that you haven't said which of the points raised in the video are incorrect. I'd rather you engaged with them rather than simply labelling opinions you don't like as somehow extremist. Times are changing my friend and the days of being able to shut down discussion by calling your interlocutors names are over.



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