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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Despite the removal of the now infamous 'Uncle Joe' Ejiofor, Haringey Council has continued down the path of ignorance and waste and now removed the interim measure signage referencing the historic name of the road. It now reads 'La Rose Lane'.

Hundreds of thousands of public money has been spent despite the facts that:

- residents didn't want it

- it was a knee jerk attempt to virtue signal by the Council leadership on the back of the 'Black Lives Matter' disorders im America.

- the road has been locally known as Blackboy Lane for hundreds of years and refers to the Blackboy Pub which in turn was named in reference to either chimney sweeps or an infant King of England with no genuine racial connotations whatever that are relevant to the UK.

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I know. Eventually all white peoples will be replaced and forced to work in gammon factories. 

That’s just not what i said.  Finish the project. 

Oh yay! Another thread on this topic! I was starting to feel concerned that it's been a while since people had gone in circles working themselves up about something of zero consequence.

Can't wait to read the same tired old rants again!

Maybe there’s nothing on telly worth watching Shar.


you might care more if it were elements of your culture and heritage that were being removed 

Whatever you believe my culture and heritage is, isn't going to be at any risk from some nondescript lane somewhere having its name changed by petty bureaucrats, but thank you for your concern I'm sure, Esther.

People have tried much harder.

If the biggest risk to your culture and heritage, whatever you consider it to be, is the name of a street, I daresay it's not really suffering that much... 

Esther, I'd appreciate a few lines explaining which elements of which culture are being removed.

The reason I gave a link (above) to the comments by Charles III is  because "our culture and heritage" changes and grows. Just as our interwoven histories are subject to new research.
King Charles has made a specific point of supporting academic research including into royal archives relating to slavery.  "Charles referred to “the darkest days of our past and the appalling atrocity of slavery, which forever stains our history.”

King Charles ... said he could not describe the depths of his personal sorrow at the suffering caused by the slave trade".

Eventually I would hope the government and leaders of a future binational state of Israel/Palestine; and many other countries will be able to express similar deep anguish at the suffering  caused to all the peoples in their lands before they collectively decide and agree to living equally side by side.  Which is rapidly becoming essential to feed and save the entire planet from disaster,

When we first moved into our street next to La Rose Lane, in 1980, the pub sign was of a slave child in brightly coloured clothes. It was an abomination. 

"How is that possibly racist?" 

(Old white saying)

From the Tottenham-Summerhillroad local history website.

You might need to zoom in to see the picture of the chimney sweep on the pub sign and the West Green Road street sign next to it.

Evidence is key.

(Another old saying)



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