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Rose-ringed Parakeets perching in a tree in Kew Gardens, London by .Jonas Bengtsson on Wikipedia (Use: CC BY 2.0)

I live in the Gardens. Does anybody know where all the parakeets have gone?

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I agree, they do seem to have left Harringay this year. I can't say I miss them. I love sitting in the garden listening to birdsong. I'm less keen on parkeet squaks. 

I spoke too soon. They are definitely back with a vengeance and squawking as loudly and annoyingly as ever,

I've heard one or two on Mount Harringay over the past few days, but, touch-wood, nothing like last summer yet.

I’m on Boundary Rd, Turnpike Lane and saw 6 in my neighbour’s pear tree at the weekend!

Bruce Grove area - they're loving my neighbour's cherries at the moment!

I have been at the bottom SE entrance to Ally Pally a couple of times this week at around 9am, the entrance near the kids nursery near the New River Village. They are all in a tree there!

I agree that they had appeared to have vacated afetr December's cold snap; but most definitely back in the 'hood now....

I've not seen it this week but there has been one solo parakeet on my bird feeders daily up until last weekend. 

I don't believe they've gone anywhere - I hear them every time I go out birdwatching in Haringey.

That said, most resident breeding birds are harder to find at this time of year (and in particular as the summer progresses) because they moult (to renew their feathers) after their young are born and they tend to stay hidden while doing so, as the process makes them weaker and slower and so more vulnerable to predators.

They'll be back - don't worry!

I stopped feeding the birds last year when the crisis in Ukraine sent the cost of sunflower hearts soaring. And the parakeets disappeared from my garden. But I've taken delivery of a large bag of feed this week, and the parakeets are slowly coming back. I saw four yesterday.

I haven't seen any goldfinches yet though.

I'm in the Gardens.

A large number of them roost in a particular tree in Woodberry Wetlands - they fly in in squadrons like the RAF, making their usual cacophony. Can't stand the sound!



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