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There have been a growing number of sightings of the sparrowhawk (left) and kestrel (right) in Harringay                                                                                                                                                                                   Photos: BBC & RSPB

I've picked up on a local online conversation about a growing number of sightings of small birds of prey in Harringay. 

Has anyone else seen a kestrel or sparrowhawk in the hood? Better still any Harringay birds of prey pictures?

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What a wonderful photo.  You must have a real top notch camera to catch such an image.  That's a sparrowhawk alright.  We saw one on Thursday hunting along the fence between us and the railway.  No chance to snap it and I doubt whether I shall ever find one conveniently in the viewfinder.

Thanks Dick, it helps to have a zoom lens, it helps to be at home, and it helps when it hangs around long enough for you to go upstairs, put the zoom on the camera, and come back down again.

Looks like a young male. I wonder if we'll get on in our little garden any time soon? This morning we had a chiffchaff and also a female blackcap about an hour apart (just managed to get a couple of pics of the latter..). I won't give out our location though for fear the sparrowhawk might come looking for them! :-O

I saw a mistle trush digging for worms in Ducketts Common last week.

Yes, I read recently they were in dangerously low numbers at the moment and since then I've practically been tripping over them. There's one or two resident at the top of our road and a few in Finsbury Park as well...

Lots of kestrels flying around the palace at the moment with young.
Saw a sparrow hawk two years ago, not seen one since.

Have heard owls in Ally Palace this year.

There has been reports of a Raptor Bird being mocked by Crows around Noel Park in recent days.                 Remember years ago their was a Sparrow hawk and Kestrels in St Marks Church Tower.                               Could do with Kestrels to keep Feral Pigeons numbers down 



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