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I hope you can help me. We are currently in a flat on Wightman Rd, and all residents have bikes stored at the entrance, so there's no issue keeping them safe. 

We are going to move soon to Campsbourne Rd in a flat. Unfortunately, keeping them inside it's not an option, and I am struggling to find a space to park them safely. 

I tried to apply to the Bike hangars, but they all are full and with a long waiting list.

I remember someone mentioning on here a while ago that you can pool together with other people interested and request an additional hangar, or did I dream about it? Alternatively, Is there any alternative you can suggest? 

We have a tiny space next to the bins outside, but I am not sure the rule for that shared space.  

I really don't want to sell the bike. 


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Found this on the Haringey website

If there isn't a Bikehangar on your street or a nearby existing Bikehangar is at full capacity, you can request a new one. We are accepting requests for new Bikehangars but please be aware there is a long waiting list due to unprecedented demand.

Send your request to cycle.parking@haringey.gov.uk - please include the following details:

  • You full name
  • Street name and number (including any flat numbers/letters)
  • Postcode
  • Telephone number
  • Number of spaces requested (max two per household)
  • Confirm if you are willing to have it located outside your property

Subject to funding availability, we select installation sites depending upon:

  • The date a request is received
  • Demand from residents
  • Fair and equitable distribution throughout the wards in Haringey

We may share your personal details (name, address, email, contact number) with our cycle parking partner Cyclehoop, who will use this information to process payment, issue keys and maintain occupancy records. Your personal data will only be used for the provision of cycle parking.

Hi Michael, 

thanks, I will look into it. My only concern is that if I don’t get one, I will still be back to square one. 

Doesn’t sound like a very quick process so more of a long term aspiration I would imagine!

Yeah, it sounds like that. Nevertheless it’s worth trying. Thanks again 

I just received an email saying that my application for a space in a bike hangar has been successful, 4 years after I applied.

Similar story. I waited 6 years to get a bike space in the locker. Still waiting for a closer hanger 

I live in a flat. My bike lives behind my bed. I'm on a Homes for Haringey estate. There is plenty of space that could be used for secure cycle parking, but car is king here.

You could put a bike hangar up in your hallway. I’ve had one before attached to the bannisters to my upstairs flat. My neighbours had one on the wall in their hallway. And it meant they could tidely hang their bikes up out the way of people walking through

I doubt I can put it in the hallway there is not an agreement among the owners of the flats in the building. My bike is very heavy as it’s a Japanese cruising bike so there’s no way for me to lift it easily. 

Homes for Haringey flats have very narrow hallways, bike hangars are the size of a car! Besides the logistics of getting one to fit (it wouldn't) I have no idea why I'd want one in my flat!

But if you mean something to hang my bike from, I'll repeat: Homes for Haringey flats have extremely narrow hallways. You can't even buy doors in a size that can be trimmed down in most hardware stores (if you want to know how I know, there were three doors missing when I bought my flat).

If there was any other space in my flat that a bike could fit I think I would have discovered it by now! And it's definitely not the hallway.


Not cheap (since steel prices doubled 2020/21) but a bit of green as well.

Great for anyone who has any outside space... though if I had a front garden personally I'd opt for a bike shed to keep my bike under cover. (I kind of have a front garden, but a) it belongs to the council and isn't included in my lease, I only maintain it because they don't, and b) it's smaller than a bike)



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