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Loving the work of our latest street gardener, this time on the corner of Seymour Road and Green Lanes outside the Lion King.

Thank you and if you need any support for your gardening, do let us know!

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I saw him finishing planting the geraniums yesterday and put a photo on Facebook.

And a shout-out for the Rutland Guerrilla Gardens. 

Nice. But We await the use of these as bins fairly soon.

Actually walk past twice a day and the one with flowers holds up well to the local litter epidemic. The empty one in the distance is a fox litter tray on the other hand. 

Richard. A fair point but two observations. We tend to find the beds on Pemberton that we maintain do not find too much litter in them, I guess because folks think they are loved so they leave off dumping their crap in them.

Second. When we do see anything in them we clean it up as quick as possible. Nothing attracts litter like litter already dumped. So, if you walk past it and someone has dumped something in it, I would encourage anyone that gives a stuff that they should pick it up and put it where it should be. Sadly, they will become dumping grounds unless we take responsibility collectively for these spaces by keeping them clean.

Was just going to say that, I picked a few plastic bottles out of them yesterday. There's a bin right next to the planter so it really annoys me that people use the planters as bins.

Me to Lauren, but observationally less do so now we take more care of them. I always wonder if there is something in the Ex NY mayor Rudy Giuliani's policy based on the Broken Window theory.

That a resident planted it means they have extended their emotional ownership beyond their curtilage to the public street. It makes a big difference over others messing it up. It is why rubbish attracts more rubbish...or skips attract mattresses.

Walked past the Seymour Road ones yesterday - they look great. Noticed that a grren-fingered soul is doing the same on Duckett Rd. Thank you!

Both sides looking good. Some litter but nothing that I can't quickly pop in a bin for them :)

A few more tree pits now planted on Seymour, including this long-neglected one:

But does anyone know how Haringey deal with these? I was chatting with a friend today who lives elsewhere in the borough and she said she'd been told by a council employee spraying weedkiller that he had to spray every tree pit and so there was no point planting anything there. Seems crazy if that's true - does anyone know who we could check with? Ant, Justin, Gill and I met with Sarah from Haringey last week to talk about the 'official' planters near the passage junctions - I guess could start with her? It would be very sad for all these little pockets of flowers etc to be killed off.

I'm not sure that they do that though. The weed man has already sprayed around our way and watching him he was quite carefully where he sprayed. I think it's worth bringing up though.



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