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Can't seem to sort out my bicycle brake disc rubbing. Any recommends for bike repairs? Someone post about someone on Mattison Road a while back. Anyone got any contact details or if he's still in business, or somewhere else?

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He has moved to Aldi car park

Aldi where?

Here, Harringay, in a big van in the small car park in front of Aldi/Superdrug/the bed shop.

Hackney Bike Workshop is on this Tuesday, they can probably help you sort it out yourself. https://hackneybikeworkshop.com/

thanks for replies, very helpful. Will try Blue House Yard as it's handy for me..

Bicycle Box on Phillip Lane is also good (a couple of doors down from the Lord Parlmerston/Palm).

Jon the bike mech at the castle climbing centre is my go to mechanic.  His workshop is in the little building out the front of the castle.  He's very approachable and charges a reasonable price for work, and I use him for pretty much all of my bike repairs and maintenance.  he'll sort out your discs pretty quickly I'm sure.

Give him a call Jon  077 6227 0616



This is the guy who used to be at the bottom of mattison. You can call him

078 3295 0122

Thanks for replies. As I said in a separate post, I went to Francesco in The Blue Yard. Very pleased with prompt and cheap repair. Glad to know there are so many bike mechanics around though..



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