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My husband was accosted by a horrible woman offering her services on the corner of Ducketts Common and Frobisher this morning. I was walking along behind him and she was obviously asking any man walking past. Black hair, brownish complexion and the short skirt you'd expect. Saw her doing same outside Jam in the Jar earlier in the week mod morning.

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John, I think the OP (original problem) here is Stav Aristides.

Totally agree John D, and OAE, and DTW.

Well, yes, but you can't have one without the other.  Britain's first legal red-light zone in Leeds is now a matter of contention because young girls on their way to school are being propositioned.

Last sentens is a tickler

It worth keeping in our minds that the women who turn to prostitution the victims in this.  If they return to their pimp without money, they are the ones who are beaten.

When I first moved to my street in the early 1980s, there was a brothel at the Green Lanes end which had apparently been there for years.  The women who lived there ran it themselves without pimps involved and I don’t remember any trouble concerning it.  It was later  “acquired” by one of the gangs that operated on Green Lanes back then.  When it was eventually raided by the police girls as young as 14 were rescued.

I haven’t come across the woman mentioned in this post but I think it’s safe to say that utter desperation, fear or both have driven her to this.  And she wouldn’t do it if there weren’t men willing to take advantage of her.

So, Stav Aristides, you still haven't told us why or how you found her "horrible". A strange description of any woman - unless she was Medusa, the Gorgon of Greek myth, with snakes for hair and a look that turned men to stone. I think she might qualify as a reasonably horrible accoster. 

But Medusa was turned into the monster by Athena as punishment for allowing Poseidon to rape her on the steps of Athena's temple... 

Earliest example of victim blaming ?

Ah Charlotte, you've been taken in by Ovid's Metamorphoses, a very late Roman take on the original myth. My own take on Stav's description of a 'horrible woman' is that horrible or horrid simply means 'bristling' or 'standing on end', usually describing hair in need of a good curry combing. (Latin rather than Greek).

btw. I assumed earlier that 'Stav' was the Hebrew and Jewish female name (originally meaning 'evening' or 'Eve' or 'Autumn'.) On second thoughts, collocated with Aristides, is it in fact short for the Greek 'Stavros', definitely male?  Not that that would excuse the description of the 'horrible woman' but it might explain it slightly. 

According to Stav in another discussion he is a she and her name is Stavroulla. Makes her call another woman 'horrible' even worse. So much for sisterhood eh. 

Thanks for clarifying, maladyboy,

You seem quite interested in me, Mr Emporium! 

I'm sure you can use a dictionary to find a definition of horrible.



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